Apply Now for Ford & UNESCO’s $100,000 Enviro-Grants

Ford offers up another $100,000 to get green initiatives in the Gulf and Levant rolling. Applications are due 10 September, 2011. After writing a visceral post about environmental organizations that accept money from large corporations, in protest of greenwashing, Arwa interviewed the Emirates Diving Association, who explained their decision to accept $10,000 from Ford. One […]


Corruption is Alive and Well at Egyptian Zoo

Despite disgusting facilities and maltreatment of wild animals, Egyptian zookeeper Ahmed-Al Timsah’s permit has been renewed. When Apartheid ended officially in South Africa, racism didn’t go away. Likewise, though we had hope that a post-revolution Egypt would usher in a period of more humane treatment of animals, Egypt remains a corrupt society with a terrible […]


Big Business Sponsors Recycling Vending Machines in Lebanon

Lebanon could get a lot cleaner thanks to a brilliant plan devised jointly by Nestle Pure, Spinneys, and Servicorp. That’s right. Nestle Pure, Spinneys, and Servicorp are planning to save Lebanon from the plastic waste that kills tens of thousands of Mediterranean creatures each year by introducing reverse vending machines to certain Spinneys locations throughout […]


Interfaith Climate Change Forum to Take Place Today in Jerusalem

Muslim, Jewish, and Christian leaders are meeting today in Jerusalem to discuss climate change and launch the new Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development. Leaders of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths will be convening this morning in Jerusalem to speak out about climate change at an Interfaith Climate Change Forum.  Current environmental conditions in the […]


Meat Glue: Is Anybody Talking About It?

The public was ignorant about the the dangers of smoking till the 1960s. The fashion for meat glue in food seems ominously similar. Finding a scientist to talk about meat glue wasn’t easy. I spoke to neurologists, biologists, pathologists, the head physician at a local hospital, and biochemists. None had even heard of transglutaminase.  When […]


Modular Toaster Design Makes Toast for the Long Haul

The modular toaster, designed by Hadar Gorelik, is sustainable by virtue of its intended long-term use. Sustainable design is often thought of in terms of upcycled or organic materials, but it is also about what happens to the designed object in the long run.  Cardboard furniture, for example, is sustainable not only because it is […]


Israeli Cabinet Moves Ahead With 10% Renewables by 2020

Despite a potentially thriving renewable sector, Israel’s government selects a relatively modest and unenforced goal The Israeli cabinet has just approved the 10% renewable energy target by 2020 initially proposed by Finance Minister Roni Bar-On three years ago. This is lower than some had expected. In May, Israel’s Director of Industry had touted a higher level: 20% […]


HAMAD: Sheikh Graffiti Visible From Space

In a moment of unabashed self-aggrandizement, Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan from Abu Dhabi commissioned beach graffiti visible from space. We have nothing against Sheikhs per se. A member of Ajman’s royal family, HRH Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Al Nuami, also known as the Green Sheikh (who knows how to treat a lady), has […]


Helen Caldicott on the Nuclear Debate

Dr. Helen Caldicott has campaigned against nuclear energy for decades. Today she talked to Green Prophet about how no nuclear event is merely local. We had a skype conversation with Dr. Helen Caldicott today, during which she stated in no uncertain terms that there is only one side to the nuclear question. Dr. Caldicott is […]


DNA Tracking and Nuclear Beef Contamination in Japan

“Fukushima cows” starving to death – but some got shipped to the meat markets. Revelation that some 84 Japanese beef cattle shipped to markets in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan may be contaminated with radiation may not have happened had the exposed cattle been genetically “profiled” by a new DNA tracing process being developed by […]


Spending Ramadan on the Commode

Millions of people around the world will fast during Ramadan, and thousands will hide in the bathroom to sneak food. I tread lightly. I am not a Muslim. I’m not religious at all, though enforced bible education is firmly rooted in my neurological framework. So, it is with grave respect that I tackle the question […]


Semi-Sustainable Berber Agriculture

The verdant valleys in the Toubkal National Park stand in stark contrast to the dry, red mountain sides. After my last visit to Toubkal National Park in Morocco’s high Atlas Mountains, where I ungracefully scrambled to the summit of its namesake in order to prove to myself and the world that I am cool enough […]


Danish Council Rejects Blue Better Place Chargers

A municipal council in Denmark has rejected Better Place’s blue and gray electric vehicle chargers! If powered renewably, Better Place electric vehicles can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (unless you listen to Dan Rabinowitz). This potential transition to cleaner vehicles notwithstanding, one Danish municipal council has vetoed Better Place chargers because of their color. Frederiksberg […]


Human-Based Gelatin? Yum!

Human genetic material and human gelatin – coming to your marshmallows and Jello soon? Reading the ingredients list in any processed food is always thought-provoking. If you really want to know what those mysterious combinations of letters and numbers mean, you have to become adept at Internet research. So I suppose it could be argued that artificial […]