What is digital sustainability?

Digital sustainability refers to the use of digital technologies that can have a positive impact on the environment. While most startup founders just want to cut a fast back, like those in advertising, the trend has just started with the success rate for digital sustainability initiatives sitting at only 4%. The number is expected to […]


How aerobic exercise eats cancer tumors

Running, jogging, fast walking. Tennis. Aikido, Judo or basketball: A new study found that aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of metastatic cancer by 72%. According to the researchers at Tel Aviv University, intensity aerobic exercise increases the sugar consumption of internal organs, thereby reducing the availability of energy to the tumor. Juice and fasting […]


8 Tips On How To Start A Successful Jewelry Business

Online platforms like Etsy make it easy to sell handcrafts and jewellery online. Here’s a guide to getting started Have you already chosen to turn your jewelry-making talent into a business? Starting a jewelry business might provide you with additional cash or a full-time job. Jewelry is a popular item that people wear for personal […]


Music for new brain health test in the elderly

Like smells, music stimulates your mood, transporting you quickly to the past and present, elevating emotions. A new study at Tel Aviv University shows that music can very quickly help physicians detect cognitive decline in the elderly, paving the way for quick intervention to help stave off Alzheimers, maybe even the lasting effects of a […]