How AI Is Making Buildings Smart and Intelligent

How AI Is Making Buildings Smart and Intelligent One of the most important components of smart buildings is AI. Without it, a building can hardly be considered intelligent since, without it, owners and managers would be unable to provide the safest and most comfortable environments possible for their tenants. In order to collect data from […]

DIY: building a garden room in your backyard

A small wooden structure in the garden is not just a part of landscape design, but a functional room that can be used for different purposes. Garden rooms will become a place for rest and relaxation, spending leisure time with family and friends, spending the night for guests and many other purposes. What does the […]


Winter floods out Syria’s displaced

Taking cues from the tiny home movement, we are sure colleges and design schools around the world, along with architects, can start planning some better solutions for temporary shelter for the world's displaced – millions from the civil war with Syria, and millions more who end up in countries like Greece from Africa, seeking refuge or maybe just a better life.