Ecotourism in Egypt

In contrast to eco tourism in other countries in the Middle East, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, there is an extremely active Ecotourism Committee in the Egyptian Tourism Federation, which makes eco tourism in Egypt especially diverse, authentic, and unique. You can find high-end, and low end –- all satisfying experiences based on […]


Rise and Benefits of Sustainable Adventure Travel

The power of the internet today makes it easier and more convenient for many travelers to find information online. Many travelers prefer to use the internet to find new places and travel destinations that would add to their experiences. However, today there is a growing awareness about how we can save our planet by making […]


Sustainable Cruising Across the Caribbean

Millions of tourists and vacationers embrace cruising across the Caribbean to explore new destinations and the islands. The Caribbean is indeed a true cruising paradise as there are no two islands that are truly alike, and it is hard to resist those white sand beaches with crystal clear waters.