Welcome to the world of Solarpunk

Between March and April, the Israeli government incrementally established isolation guidelines to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. Along with the closure of multiple businesses and institutions, transportation was severely limited, forcing people to work from home, thus drastically cut the number of vehicles on the road. As a result, Israel experienced a 40% reduction in nitrogen […]

Defensive Driving: Why Everyone Should Practice It

Every year, thousands of vehicular accidents happen in the state of Illinois, many of them could have been avoided. One example is when you’re in a situation where a driver has rear-ended your car. This could have been avoided if you and/or the car behind you has left enough space between you and the car […]

5 Things You Should Know About Indoor-Grown Hemp Flower

The hemp industry is booming, and an increasing number of acres of farmland that were once used for other crops are being handed over to hemp farmers. For both hemp smokers and environmental activists, however, some of the attributes of outdoor-grown hemp might be less than ideal. Check out these five simple reasons that indoor […]

Hey urban farmers – the lead is still in your soil

We’ve all heard of lead – whether it’s lead-based paint or leaded gasoline. These applications are now things of the past, but do we still have a lead problem? The Soil Science Society of America explores how the poisonous metal is still present in urban soils. Blogger Anna Wade explains, “in the United States, risk […]

Chad Everett Harris on How Business Owners Are Dealing With COVID-19

How Entrepreneurs and Proprietors are Addressing the Challenges of the Pandemic in the Midst of Unprecedented Economic Uncertainty Due to the global spread of COVID-19, many traditional venues for conducting business have been severely restricted. Most restaurants are unable to offer table-side dining services and now must resort to delivery and pick-up models. Salons, hairstylists, […]

The Importance of Your Instagram Bio

Social networks are no longer limited to staying in touch with friends. More and more businesses are harnessing the benefits of Instagram, with different businesses approaching the platform in several ways. Despite the focus of Instagram being picture-based posts, there is still a lot of other areas that need some attention, such as the bio. […]