biodome-facebookGreen Prophet was founded by environmental activist, biologist and journalist Karin Kloosterman (above). She has a network of spotters around the world to help her bring stories to life -– stories from the Middle East that can inspire change. The idea started when she was writing for TreeHugger that the Middle East needed its own green voice of reason. A voice without the politics. A voice that could be generous in how it listens and how we connect with each other to build a new reality.

Karin is from Canada but is based in Israel. Informants from Iraq to Iran to Saudia Arabia to anywhere send her ideas to share –– ideas, plans and creativity that can inspire change in the environmental and social realm.

You might hate her. You might love her. She doesn’t care. Desperate times call for desperate measures, she says.

Who’s listening? Green Prophet’s stories have gone far leading to features in Al Jazeera, National Geographic and TIME Magazine. 

Want to talk? Have an idea to share?

Email [email protected] or follow her on Twitter @karin_flux

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