The Middle East is complicated, but it is rich and diverse, exciting and unknown. Green Prophet is an environmental news site to show you the best parts of the region and how you can apply your skills to making the world more sustainable for all.

Green Prophet was founded by biologist, journalist, tech entrepreneur Karin Kloosterman. Her work and commentary has appeared on major international media:

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Green Prophet’s stories travel far and wide. They are passed on to people who care and who are able to be part of the change for cleaner energy, sustainable travel, smart cities, green innovation. We are partnered with a number of international organisations that impact the potential of religion and Middle East culture for the greater good.

Some select partners include The Anna Lindh Foundation, the United Religions Initiative, and theSwitchers, a United Nations Environment Programme organization.

Why does Green Prophet Matter?

We are read by the UN, venture capitalists, big media, change makers, movers and shakers in the energy business. We feature little people, big people and everyone in between, offering sound and reasonable insight in going forward together applying sustainable ideas and practices –– and technology –– where needed.

We love celebrating the unsung heroes looking to change the Middle East and the world. But we also love celebrating the small steps that big companies take to start the radical mindshift needed to put some order to the madness.

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