Art Exhibition To Showcase Arabia’s Wild Side

Gulf conservation groups have teamed up with National Geographic Al Arabiya to showcase 100 stunning images of Arabian species The Gulf countries of the Middle East may be more famous for their outlandish construction projects, endless deserts and malls than their biodiversity but one art exhibition is hoping to change all that. A large coalition […]


Rabbit-Killing Pesticide Kills Dubai Man Instead

These innocuous-looking pellets release deadly fumes that killed a young IT professional in Dubai last week. This is the second pesticide-related tragedy we are covering this week. A few days ago, no fewer than 15 top racing camels in Qatar died after their breeder administered a toxic chemical to their skin, which the owner blames […]

Bats Get Wired With GPS

Blind as a bat? New research from Israel shows how Egyptian fruit bats navigate in wide areas with internal compass. If you ever watch nature shows, it might strike you as funny that the ones who apparently love the animals most are causing the most suffering. At least that’s how it appears on camera. Sharks […]


Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

Jordan is now months away from announcing the company they have selected to construct the country’s first nuclear reactor Despite growing protests against the country’s nuclear plans from residents and environmentalists, the Jordanian government is pressing on with its nuclear programme. According to the local press, the government is expected to announce the name of […]


Invitation for a Permaculture Tour in Israel

See how permaculture is spreading across Israel during an international tour at the end of September. Permaculture, or the sustainable use of land and agriculture, has thankfully been spreading across the Middle East in recent years.  Permaculture farms have sprouted seeds in Palestine, grassroots permaculture initiatives have popped up in urban settings such as Jerusalem, […]

Burning Egypt’s Agricultural Waste

It’s black cloud season. Again. But there’s no reason to pull out the party favors just yet. It’s the anniversary of the Black Cloud in Egypt, but nobody’s celebrating. This is the time of year that farmers typically burn off their agricultural waste because they don’t know what else to do with it. When set […]