Ramadan Crafting Ideas

ramadan-crafting-ideas-greenWhile away the long, hot hours of fasting with these fun and festive crafting ideas for Ramadan

In times of stress, I turn to sewing and crafting. Colouring in and cutting out shapes, gluing, stitching and sticking things together is just so much fun that I can’t believe entire nations aren’t hooked on it. For a couple of hours you can forget you are an adult, with bills to pay and dishes to wash, and just make useful things. So, to help you celebrate and unwind this Ramadan I have scoured the internet for the best Ramadan-inspired crafting ideas for you to try. From beautiful banners, lovely lanterns to yummy Ramadan cookies, there’s something for everyone (of every crafting capability) to try.

Ramadan Wall Calendar

This lovely idea from Debbie Qalballah over at the ‘My So Called Life And Other Lies’ blog is just gorgeous. Made with the help of her adorable boys, this fabric wall chart is made up of little pockets with the days of Ramadan on the front. In the pockets which you can place chocolates or little toy treats for your kids (or yourself!) to enjoy at the end of the fasting day. The best thing is that you can use this over and over again and you can also make it using scraps of fabric you have lying around.

Night Lanterns

The night lantern is not only the symbol of Ramadan but is also a great way to light up your home at Sahoor (meal just before Muslims start fasting at sunrise). There really is no end to the variety and style of lantern you can craft although upcycling cans and jars does earn you some greenie points. There are some great instructions for a mosque-design over at Crafty Arab which is just chockablock with great ideas. If you are feeling particularly crafty, you can have a go at making the stunning lanterns I featured in the top image. Papermatrix have the full details and good luck!

Ramadan Banners, Mobiles  and Garlands

Spruce up your home and really get into the Ramadan spirit with some hand-made Ramadan banners and gorgeous sun and moon garlands. All you need to make these is paper, scissors, strings and a little bit of creativity. Place the banners and garlands next to a window or over a door for maximum effect. If you have kids, this also makes a great crafting activity to keep them busy so that you can enjoy some quiet time during daylight hours. You can even download and print some designs from Ramadan Joy.

Ramadan Peace Pack

I think this is great idea to help Muslims share Ramadan with their neighbours or colleagues who may not know a lot about Ramadan. The ‘Ramadan Peace’ pack is an idea I found at the Ramadan Joy site and it basically consists of a moon-shaped cookie (or any other Ramadan-inspired shape) in a hand-made packet which includes a note which briefly explains what Ramadan is all about. I think it’s great- yummy and informative.

Fantastic Felt Ideas

I admit I have a soft spot for all things woolen or felt so I have gathered my favourite Ramadan-inspired things made out of the soft stuff. Ramadan Joy have a range of felt banners and bags and you could also get really creative and make a mosque-shaped tea cozy. Ramadan Joy crafter Khadija has got a blog with showcases a range of designs you can use to make your very own stunning little tea cozy. For more ideas go to pinterest.com which has these collections: Ramadan/Islamic craft ideas and Ramadan crafts.

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  4. Is the first picture showing a lantern? I like them very much

  5. very beautiful craft ideas and quite easy to make as well so you can involve the kids! @JordanGoGreen1

  6. Jazakillah for mentioning us! We actually put dates in the pockets to eat at iftar, and then the pocket is turned over at the corner to mark another fast done…. but chocolate, yeah. Why didnt I think of that?! 😉

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