Gaza Taxi Driver Builds an Electric Vehicle in Three Days

Gaza, DIY, EV, Electric Vehicle, Solar Power, green design, green transportationOnce Muzer Al-Kasas was able to collect all of the necessary materials, it only took him three days to build a small electric vehicle. Unlike Better Place EVs (which are now for sale in Israel) or any other fancy equivalents, the taxi driver’s inexpensive innovation is a slightly more viable means of transportation for a greater segment of Gaza’s impoverished population.

Using locally-sourced materials (as opposed to materials smuggled through Gaza’s tunnels) including electric cables, metal, a small battery and tires befitting a small golf cart, Al-Kasa constructed a simple vehicle that requires zero fuel to run.

This is very helpful given that Gaza has been suffering a months-long fuel shortage.

The vehicle, which looks like a cross between a Tuk-Tuk and a golf cart, won’t break any speed records. Maxing out at just 12 miles an hour, the DIY project  can carry loads of up to 300 pounds.

Al-Kasas wants to improve upon the design and donate it to emergency medical services as a mobile first aid unit. Among other improvements, he hopes to add solar power to the vehicle so that he can charge the battery for free as well as oxygen tanks for the ambulance service.

Relying on such small tires, the vehicle can’t navigate Gaza’s roads or highways very well (and frankly, we don’t recommend driving this alongside faster, heavier vehicles on a main highway) but it’s a great way to subvert the fuel shortage.

And best of all, just about anyone can make their own.

:: Algemeiner

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