Better Place Announces First Trade-In Agreement for Electric Cars in Israel


Better Place launches another brand new business in Israel – used electric car sales. Better Place, the company bringing an electric car infrastructure to Israel, has been changing so much about how the Israeli public thinks about transportation.  It has educated the public about the benefits of using electric cars, taught us that a whole […]

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The Passing Of A Green Muslim – Ayman Ahwal


We celebrate the Muslim environmental campaigner and green activist Ayman Ahwal (right) who passed away last week I think it’s fair to say that Ayman Ahwal was not your average Muslim. A British Muslim convert, he worked tirelessly to support tree-planting projects in Indonesia, campaign for clean streets in his hometown of Birmingham in the […]

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RAFAA Designs Next Generation Solar Tower for Bright Source Competition


Zurich-based RAFAA Architecture & Design propose the next generation of super sustainable solar power towers. An often overlooked component of the growing number of solar power plants popping up in Egypt, the United States, Spain, and elsewhere is that someone was responsible for their design. Bright Source Energy recently solicited proposals from international firms for […]

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Know When To Stop Eating


Miriam pointed out the perils of eating in front of the computer. Now, discover the cues that keep you munching when you’ve really had enough. Last week I lunched with a friend at an inexpensive Indian restaurant. We ordered the platter for two. Attractively arranged on a round platter were spiced rice, spoonfuls of chutneys, […]

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Water And Israel – The Facts


Water rich or water poor? Doomed by desalination or dealing with the problem? Get the facts on Israel’s water situation. Following my latest post on water recycling and desalination in Israel, some commentators have raised questions about the seemingly contradictory facts on Israel and water. Whilst the Israeli water authority constantly warns of a water […]

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Landmines and Eco-Tourism Protect Lebanon’s Vulnerable Cedar Forests


The Shouf Cedar Reserve is working tirelessly to protect Lebanon’s cedar forests from climate change. Fifteen years ago, civil war posed the greatest threat to Lebanon’s majestic cedar forests, but today climate change is their most prominent foe. The largest of Lebanon’s natural reserves and home to one quarter of the nation’s almost mythological cedar […]

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Modular Loop Chair Serves a Twelve-Fold Function


The seven modular folds of the Loop Chair grant it a twelve-fold function. Modular: constructed with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use. It’s the “flexibility and variety in use” part that makes modular design so sustainable, because if one item can be modified and serve a range of functions then you […]

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Eco-Map To Combat Chemical Pollution in Jordan


A database of all the chemical industries in Jordan and their risk to the environment has been mapped Following recent revelations that chemicals dumped in landfills maybe disintegrating into toxic cocktails, it’s great to hear that Jordan has finalized an eco-map which will monitor industrial pollution in the country. Funded by USAID, the project has […]

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Finally, Eco Friendly Shoes for Men


Finally, some eco-friendly shoes for the fashionable green men out there. We’ve seen an abundance of eco-friendly shoes here on Green Prophet of late – from Sharon Golan’s mix-and-match Shell 256 shoes to Daniela Bekerman’s “ze o ze” shoes that let you change the heels to fit your mood.  But what’s an eco-friendly man to […]

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Breathtaking Jaffa Flat by Pitsou Kedem Celebrates Israel’s Creative Side


In times of political madness, we have to remind ourselves of the many Israelis who pursue peace and beauty, like Pitsou Kedem. We don’t usually comment on Israeli politics because there is already so much rhetoric floating around the media machine, but Thursday’s attacks and counterattacks in Southern Israel and Gaza really make us wonder […]

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Do Fluorescent Chicks and Bunnies in Qatar Alienate Kids From Nature?


Science journalist Mike Shanahan took these pictures of dyed chicks while attending a conference in Qatar. He questions  how antics like this impact children’s understanding of nature. Sometimes we come across a story and think “this can only happen in the Middle East.” Renowned science journalist Mike Shanahan, who previously inspired us to consider the […]

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Black Sea Female Artists’ Association Brings Organic Paint To The Masses


The FEMİN-ART Women Artists Association from Trabzon, Turkey, one of the regions worst affected by the Chernobyl meltdown, has been awarded funding to produce root-based paints and distribute them for free. Chemical-based paints have long been known to cause adverse health effects, from reduced sperm counts in men to raising the risk of miscarriage or […]

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