Guide: Writing a Research Paper on Solar Energy

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We bet, you already know how to deal with the research paper in general. Let us pay 2-minute attention to the basics just to freshen up your memory and then we will talk about the specific rules and ideas for writing on solar energy. You research paper should include:

  • Abstract. Short summary of your work, like the annotation in a book.
  • Introduction. Clear and precise thesis statement is a must.
  • Annotated bibliography/Materials. Sources of information you used to complete the research paper.
  • Methods/Methodology. Scientific methods you used to conduct a research and evaluate the results.
  • Results. What you have understood as a result of the research.
  • Discussion. The interpretation of your recent findings.
  • Summary/Conclusions. Summarize your findings and draw a conclusion. If the dilemma wasn’t solved, state what you think is needed to solve it.

You have this list in your course book, definitely, but most probably the description of each part is rather vague which might be rather confusing.

How to Write a Stellar Research Paper on Solar Energy

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Idea #1. State the topicality

You should show that your research covers actual issues, relevant to the moment. Example. Solar energy was the fastest growing source of global energy in 2016, showing dynamics better than other types of energy production. Such data is contained in a recent report of the International Energy Agency, which is one of the most credible organization for quoting in your solar energy research paper.

Idea #2. Show the understanding of trends

Don’t just state something, explain it and show international correlations.

Example.The result is largely due to lower prices and a change in government policy that facilitates a departure from traditional energy sources such as coal. For example, China plays an important role in expanding the use of renewable energy sources. This country accounts for almost half of all new solar panels installed around the world.

Idea #3. Pay attention to negative sides and assumptions

Don’t make your paper too shallow — elaborate on side effects.

Example. Today, harmful substances are used, for the manufacture of solar cells, which in one way or another can harm nature. Already ready photocells contain poisonous elements, such as lead, cadmium, gallium, arsenide. The service life of solar batteries is 30 – 50 years, so the problem f the subsequent processing of modules arises, and the solution of the issue of their utilization has not been found so far. A significant drawback of the process of obtaining solar energy is the so-called impermanence. Solar systems are not able to work at night, and in the evening the efficiency of stations significantly decreases. Just as the absence of sunlight and its excessive radiation reduces the efficiency of the system as a whole, it is necessary to provide for the cooling of the modules additionally.

Idea #4. Give illustrative real-life examples

Solar power may have been on the verge of breaking in the MENA region, but it appears back on track.

To make the results of your research more descriptive, use engaging examples.

Example. In 2016 Tesla, Inc. joined by the company SolarCity, which creates solutions for the transition of homes to solar energy. One of their first joint projects was the almost 100 percent conversion of the Pacific island of Tau to “green” energy. The new “goal” of Tesla was the island of Kauai, which is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Enjoying a year-round abundance of sunshine, this US state practiced “green” energy before the arrival of Tesla. Nevertheless, the solutions on the island could not solve the problem of electricity consumption at night, since solar panels generating energy without saving it. The new system installed by the company is equipped with 52 MWh Powerpack 2 accumulators assembled at the Tesla factory in the United States, and the power of the solar farm itself is 13 MW.  Now the Hawaiian Islands have the opportunity to increase the share of solar energy consumption up to 100, what they intend to achieve by 2045.

Idea #5. Show the ability of big-picture thinking

Show that you understand the market’s perspectives.

Example. Many experts note that the “new era” of solar electricity has come, expecting that the growth of solar electric power will be higher than any other types of renewable energy sources up to 2022. In fact, the agency’s experts admitted that they underestimated how fast green energy is growing, noting that many countries will be in the center of the solar boom in the coming years. For instance, it is expected that the renewable energy potential in India will double by 2022, outstripping the EU. However, representatives of the International Energy Agency said that, despite these encouraging figures, there is still uncertainty ahead. This is due to Donald Trump’s plans to revive the coal industry.

Writing on solar energy don’t forget that it is a speedy growing field and you should use only the most recent case study and reports. Otherwise you can hire professional research paper writers online who provide academic writing services for students. Good luck!

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