Common Nature-Related Phobias

Nature is one of humanity’s most valuable assets. It provides us with everything our minds and bodies need to thrive, from sunlight and fresh air to food and water. Without nature and its many resources, life would ultimately cease to exist. That’s why people go to great lengths to educate, protect, and preserve the environment. […]


Frankincense resin could slow Covid impact

Plants from the past and used in the Bible may help us against modern ailments. Research studies to produce medicines capable of fighting COVID-19 from frankincense trees in Oman are being jointly undertaken by the University of Nizwa in Oman and the University of Oxford in England


Why men like it cooler

My son kicks off the covers. Yet my daughter wants a thicker duvet. My husband wants the air conditioner, and I want it off. It seems that men and women really do feel differences in temperature. A new study believes that the answer is evolutionary.