Pearl Earrings: Wear Them Sustainably and Love Them

Looking for a pair of jewelry that won’t go out of style? Pieces that will make you stand out from the rest? Then quality pearl earrings might be just what you’re looking for. Although classic – they’ve been worn for hundreds of years, even by ancient civilizations – pearls are still  kicking and will continuously […]


How Light Therapy Works?

Red Light Therapy helps to relieve several health issues. This technology doesn’t use harmful UV rays which damages skin and promote cells to mutate. Instead, light therapy uses electromagnetic spectrum and (sometimes) infrared light. Our skin and body easily absorb light. This helps you reap the benefits of both these light rays. Following, we are […]


Register for IRENA Innovation Week 2018!

IRENA Innovation Week is a three-day event that unites leading thinkers and policy makers to explore disruptive innovation aimed specifically at accelerating a transition to renewable energy. All members of the media – print, and digital – are invited to register to attend (and report on!) IRENA Innovation Week happening in Bonn, Germany from September 5 to […]

The keto shaksuka recipe

I was introduced to shakshuka on my first trip to Jerusalem, when a young woman slapped a flyer in my hand promising the Best Traditional Israeli Breakfast for fewer shekels than I'd been dropping on coffee drinks.


Uri Geller predicted it: An ancient, kosher natural soap factory found in Jaffa

Mentalist Uri Geller is building a museum in the world’s most ancient port city, Jaffa. When they start digging, an ancient olive soap factory is unearthed. The impressive masbena – or soap-manufacturing factory – dates back to the nineteenth century was discovered along with several large underground chambers. “Our work on the museum required, among […]


The Process of Swapping to Natural Deodorant

If you’ve ever switched from one personal care product brand to another, you know just how differently your body can react to a new product. From body lotions to makeup, sometimes making a product swap can be a big deal. One of the products that you probably swap often is deodorant. With all of the […]


Caprese Salad, Summer’s Easiest Appetizer

You need to fix a meal, but  it’s too hot to spend time in the kitchen. Let fresh tomatoes come to the rescue. Caprese salad, an Italian mix of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, is the appetizer you can put together in minutes – the snack to serve with crackers or toasted baguette slices – the […]


Dress made from a refugee tent steals London fashion show

British designer and humanitarian Helen Storey believes that fashion is an excellent vehicle to connect people to ­difficult subject matters. Last week, she sent a dress crafted from a former refugee tent down the runway at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge. It captured everyone’s attention, and put a spotlight on climate change and its human impact.


Exploring Prague and Berlin by Train

Are you planning on traveling to Europe but you are not sure of the places to visit? Also, do you wish to explore different places within one trip but have no idea how to move from one to the next? Worry not. Traveling from Prague to Berlin is the best way to make good use […]


Oldest Known Bread Discovered In Jordan

Fancy some fresh bread, right out of the fire pit? It was fresh…14,400 years ago. Until recently, it was thought that the earliest bread, discovered in the 9,500-year-old settlement of Çatalhöyük, Turkey, was the product of Neolithic grain farming. But charred crumbs discovered in northeast Jordan reveal that Paleolithic hunter-gatherers in this region ate bread […]


Get Medical Insurance for Medicare Equipment

Insurance is a way of getting support from a policy that you signed for your safety when you need it the most. Imagine that you are jobless or you are doing an underpaid job, and suddenly because of an accident you need money for treatment. This is a terrible time to live in, your salary […]


Roasted Tomato and Spinach Quiche Recipe

The summer glut of tomatoes is here. Take advantage and roast some to bake into a summery quiche. This is a deluxe quiche, one that requires time and a mindset that enjoys leisurely cooking. Roasting the tomatoes and peppers brings out their natural tart/sweetness, while spinach and caramelized onions contribute an earthy note. The quiche […]


Tips on great food attractions in the world

In the range and variety of the food now you can find the best local items for a low cost, around $5 to $10 easily from anywhere. Actually if you want a cheap meal in expensive parts of the world then you can try some other items of the good foods where your heart roams. […]


Most Innovative Online Educational Tools to Use in 2018

There is a wide spectrum of applications and tools that facilitate various functions in education and the environment. Some are dedicated to assisting students in their studies while others are focused on teaching. From lesson planning software, student-teacher communication apps, to tutoring apps, here are the 7 hottest educational tools to use in 2018. Flipgrid […]


Making car insurance more affordable

As most drivers know, running a vehicle is not cheap and there are many expenses that you have to consider when it comes to motoring. When purchasing a car, a lot of people only take into consideration the actual cost of the vehicle and they forget that they will have to continue paying out money […]