Modern and clutter-free: Is it really possible?

For years, clutter seemed to follow us everywhere. However, over recent times more people have started to take action over it, and there are now all sorts of philosophies how to banish this bad habit from your home.

It’s a topic that still prompts a lot of questions, though. A lot of people don’t believe the notion that you can live a clutter-free life, particularly if you are living in a family home.

Sure, there are always going to be some parts of your house that do accumulate clutter, and this will continue for years to come. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t make a difference with certain areas of your home, as we take a look at some hacks which can help you along your way.

Mount your TV to the wall

It sounds ridiculous, but you might be surprised at just how beneficial mounting your television to the wall is. Instead of having a cabinet, which either attracts clutter within the draws or even worse on top of them, your TV is out of the way on the wall. It all makes for a much slicker appearance.

Nowadays, particularly as most TVs are designed out-of-the-box for this use in mind, mounting them is a breeze as well. Whether you require TV mounting in Atlanta or a completely different region, this is a quick job that has plenty of contractors vying for it.

You can over-organize

You may have been here before. You may have tried to de-clutter your home in the past, but the problem just gets worse. This is probably due to you trying over-organize your home.

What does this mean? If you fall into this category, you’ll have purchased all sorts of boxes and other containers that are meant to house everything. The problem is, this can create more clutter. The boxes themselves become part of the clutter, and the whole thing becomes a domino-effect.

Have a shoe-only zone

OK, we’ve picked shoes for this next point, but in reality it can apply to any item. Sometimes, we perceive clutter as having a whole host of different items grouped together in one space. As such, just keeping the same items together can make the world of difference.

While we may have honed in on shoes here, if you go a little smaller with the likes of toiletries and stationary the effect can be multiplied. After all, when these smaller items start to get grouped together you can have a real disorganised state on your hands.

Be in control of your letterbox

One of the main things that can hinder your crusade against clutter is your letterbox. You may have organized everything to perfection, but things can turn pear-shaped as soon as you walk through your door following a day of work.

Most of us will slam the letters on the first table we set eyes on – and they’ll be set to stay there for the foreseeable future.

As such, you need a system. This might be a folder system for your post, or even its very own drawer. Just make sure you have something set so one of those dreaded piles of letters doesn’t build up.

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