Will Dark-sky Ecotourism Spread to the Mideast?


Israel’s Negev Desert, Jordan’s Mount Nebo, Medaba and Wadi Rum are a few dark sky destinations for stargazing. Paris is known as the city of lights. So is Medina Saudi Arabia, Be’er Sheva Israel and Las Vegas, Nevada. We shouldn’t overlook Baltimore Maryland, Varanasi India, Quanzhou China and Milford Pennsylvania. Each of these cities is also […]

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Climate Change Might Not Get Our Wine


This man singlehandedly produces up to 5,500 bottles of delicious red wine each year, despite living in a frequently drought-stricken region Dave Levitan from Onearth, one of our favorite environmental blogs, traveled to Israel to meet with a hardy winemaker in the Negev desert and came away gushing. No, not from all the red wine […]

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Architectural Symposium to Discuss Green Habitable Environments in the Negev Desert


“Active Matters” symposium will discuss how desert living can become more eco-friendly. Environmentalists agree that dense urban living is more eco-friendly (just ask Tel Aviv city architect Yoav David), but desert life is a little if-ier.  Living in a sprawling desert, far from water and other resources, could be taxing on the environment since it […]

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New Study Shows Negev Solar Farm is a Death Knell for Wildlife


Could  large solar array farms put these desert animals at risk? Builders of large  solar array farms in Israel’s Negev region and in places like California’s Mojave Desert  have had  ongoing problems with nature lovers , environmentalists, and Native American Tribes . It now appears that the environmentalists in Israel may be winning out on […]

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Dimona Silica To Ship The Negev Desert To China

Within the next four months, Dimona Silica plans to build a factory in Nahal Zin Wadi in order to supply China with high-quality asphalt. Since its inception, Dimona Silica Industries Ltd. has been plagued with a dodgy reputation. After its involvement with the 2004 Investment Promotions Center scandal, where it was found that then Minister […]

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Bedouin Home-Spun Woolen Rugs On Show In Milan

Bedouin women from Israel are getting a name for themselves at the furniture fair in Milan, where their home-spun woolen rugs are on proud display as a prized example of high-end sustainable design. The Eindhoven designers BCXSY teamed up with SIDREH, the non-profit organization behind Lakiya Negev weaving to create these one-of-a-kind products.

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Israel’s Bedouin Want Their Rightful Share of the Sun


It would create jobs and better dividends for the marginalized Bedouin in Israel’s Negev Desert. So will the Israeli Government allot a lease-land quota for solar energy on Bedouin-settled land? Arava Power, based on an Israeli kibbutz, recently signed a solar energy land lease deal with Israeli Bedouin (previously nomadic people). The deal, it seems […]

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Sunray Solar and Sun Power Combine in $277 Million Deal


The world solar energy industry looks even brighter following the purchase of  Sunray Renewable Energy by the American solar energy giant Sun Power Corporation and solar array manufacturer in a $277 million deal reported in The Marker. SunRay, headed by Israeli CEO Yoram Amiga, was the first foreign solar energy company allowed to do business […]

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Arava Power to "Electrify" the Negev Desert After Signing 15 Solar Energy Deals


Arava Power Team: “We Are The Power!” Israel’s Arava Power Company (APC) one of the country’s top solar energy producers, is now working towards supplying solar powered electricity to 15 Negev Desert kibbutzes and agricultural villages following the signing of an agreement with these communities, as reported in the JPost. Arava was in the news a […]

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Green housing construction gets underway in Israel, creates jobs in Negev town of Yeruham


The first green, affordable home designed by an Israeli company has just come off the production line in the Negev town of Yeruham. Following years of planning and design by REAL Housing, the 190 m2 house was inaugurated by Mayor of Yeruham and former Labour Party leader, Amram Mitzna. The three-room, NIS 785,000 house (about […]

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Sunday Energy and Carmey Avdat Winery Helping Produce Israel's First Solar Powered Wine


Green Prophet has already reported on Kibbutz Tzuba switching to wine production because of the decreased water needs of grapes.  Now Israeli wine is going even greener, with solar power.  This past Monday, Sunday Energy Ltd. (Isra’el’s leading solar energy service provider) announced that it had completed installing a 50 kW Peak solar system on […]

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