How to Make Your Lifestyle Greener

Are you looking to live a greener lifestyle and become more environmentally-conscious? It is clear that now is the time to take action to reduce environmental impact and when everyone takes steps (even small ones) it will be then that we start to see positive change and heal the planet. There are lots of easy […]

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How Norwegian Organizations are Making Money With Ecological Firelighters

Various organizations in Norway are always looking for different ways to raise money. Ecological firelighters have been embraced by many schools and sports teams due to the perks that come with selling them. The tennbriketter dugnad is long-lasting and tends to light in an instant.  3 Top benefits of selling ecological firelighters It’s imperative to […]

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How to stop a plague of locusts


So a plague of biblical proportions or worse has started in East Africa and it's moving rapidly toward the Middle East and affecting parts of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Food forests for the short term and mitigating climate change for the long-haul is the only way to stop this kind of devastation that will most likely lead to more conflict.

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How to build a successful NGO (it starts with your heart)


Indonesia is a nature lover's delight, but locals still poison fish to catch them, and apply other destructive tools such as fish bombing to catch their daily livelihood. One NGO, the first on the island, is working to educate the locals and save the sea. This Green Prophet writer visited and volunteered with Manengkel Solidaritas to find out what others can learn from the process. The take home message is working with heart.

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