Turkish Girl “Pirate” Jailed in Russia’s Arctic Prison Over Oil


Twenty-eight Greenpeacers, mostly foreigners, and two journalists are held for six weeks now in a Russian prison: In a surprising but not unheard of move, Russia has jailed the Greenpeace activists or “pirates” aboard a Greenpeace International ship for scaling a Russian-owned Gazprom oil platform. One of them is a young woman from Turkey.

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Green Israeli Design for Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Artist Community


Israeli eco-innovation is spreading to all reaches of the planet, often sowing great green seeds where it touches down. The Tel Aviv-based architecture studio Talmon Biran sent us images of their entry into a recent design competition for the Nikola-Lenivets artist community in Russia’s Kaluga region. Conceived in tandem with Anna Leshchinsky, the proposal calls for […]

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Israel’s Leviathan Gas Find Will Have Widespread Repercussions for World Power


The gigantic $45 billion Leviathan gas find tosses out Israel’s previous relationship with the world. The biggest deep-water gas find in a decade has enough reserves to supply Israel’s gas needs for 100 years. Oil and gas exploration that might benefit Israel has long been stymied by political fears. Because of worries about antagonizing current […]

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