Iran denounces women skater for losing her head covering

Iran speed skater, hijab on podium

The Islamic regime in Iran has lost its head and control over women who refuse to wear the Islamic state’s stringent dress codes, and the hijab. The latest casualty is a young woman who faces persecution from her country. Her crime? Not wearing a head covering when competing at an international skating event. 

Niloufar Mardani, a member of the national Iranian speed skating team for years, stepped on a podium in Turkey this month to receive her first-place award. She was not wearing a headscarf, which is compulsory if representing Iran outside the country. But she also said she was competing as an individual not as a member of the Iran team. 

There was a picture of Mardani on social media on the same podium in Istanbul wearing a black T-shirt with the word Iran on it. 

Iran’s sports ministry issued a short statement emphasizing that athletes require “maintaining Islamic values in sports competitions” and added that Mardani, pictured below, had not competed in clothing approved by the state.

Niloufar Mardani, a world leading athlete and veterinarian

Niloufar Mardani, a world leading athlete and veterinarian. Images from her social media feed.

“This athlete has not been a member of the Iranian national team since last month and attended this competition as part of a personal trip without obtaining necessary permits,” the statement said. The Iranian team had not participated in the tournament.

Last month rock climber Elnaz Rekabi represented the Iranian national team in South Korea while not wearing a headscarf. This drew headlines around the world. 

A crowd had gathered around Rekabi to welcome her when her flight arrived in Tehran because some supporters believed she did it as an act against the regime.  Later Rekabi apologised and said that she didn’t have time to put on her hijab before the competition.

Ongoing protests consume the Iranian public. New energy against the regime has been stirred up since a young women died while in custody of the modesty police in Iran. 



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