IDF Says Birds, Not Guns in Northern Reserve

mount-hermonAccording to Haaretz, the Israeli army has decided to limit its activities in the Hermon Mountain nature preserve in the country’s North to give local animals and flowers a break.

We’ve written on these pages about the IDF’s bleak environmental record and its previous attempts to go green. A Hermon park ranger told Haaretz that the army’s move was important because in the summer, “the flowers no longer blossom and they start to dry up and spread their seeds…This is also a critical period for the animals. The reptiles, mammals, and birds who have come into this world now learn to manage on their own.”

At the end of the piece, the commander of the Hermon Brigade phrased the move in geopolitical terms:

“There’s a situation on the mountain in which two parties claim the same turf – the army and the nature preserve – and there needs to be a partnership there. There are no unilateral steps.”

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