American University Cairo's Sustainable Campus Committee Address Waste Concerns

Education puts Cairo one step towards getting rid of its nemesis: solid waste. Within a 3 minute walk down Cairo’s streets, an environmentalist is bound to have an apoplectic fit:  litter lies everywhere.  Tiny trash bins – rare jewels – overflow with containers and water (read more about Cairo’s tap water) bottles that will live […]

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Israel's Best and Brightest Debate Climate Policy


What will Israel do if the Nile Delta becomes submerged from climate change? Brainstorming at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop today at Ben-Gurion University. (Image courtesy of Ophir Shoham) In his opening remarks at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop at Ben-Gurion University today, Prof. Alon Tal, one of Israel’s most revered environmentalists, referred […]

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