Egypt Losing its Mighty Nile Drop by Drop

Ethiopia and other African countries upstream have plans to divert Nile River water. What does this mean for Egypt? Leaking water pipes, evaporation and a rapidly growing population may be significant concerns for those trying to manage and plan water supplies in Egypt, but compounding such problems – and forcing Egyptians to rethink how they […]

American Elections Are Bad For The Nile Delta

If temperatures continue to increase and icecaps melt, scientists say a one meter rise in sea level will swallow the Nile Delta. In order to protect the good life: big cars, up to three or four or more in one family, massive homes, fancy food, and five star trips to the Bahamas, (all unavailable to […]


Israel's Best and Brightest Debate Climate Policy

What will Israel do if the Nile Delta becomes submerged from climate change? Brainstorming at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop today at Ben-Gurion University. (Image courtesy of Ophir Shoham) In his opening remarks at the Climate Change Mitigation Policy Workshop at Ben-Gurion University today, Prof. Alon Tal, one of Israel’s most revered environmentalists, referred […]