“Death Ray” Dolphin Killing in Persian Gulf May be Worse Than Shark Slaughter

Natural phenomena, HAARP experiments or an alien death ray? Some 152 dophins boiled alive with conspiracy theorists pointing to HAARP.

You may think you have seen everything after Arwa’s article dealing with the slaughter of sharks in Persian Gulf waters off Dubai.  Think twice, dear readers, because you haven’t! There’s something even more sinister and deadly to marine and non-marine life being experimented on nowadays in these waters – as well in other parts of the world. It’s dealing with ongoing experiments with the earth’s ionosphere; and these “experiments”  may have resulted in the killing of 152 dolphins in the Straits of Hormuz, off the Iranian town of Bandar Lenge, back in 2008. An Iranian fisherman was an eyewitness to this phenomenon that caused a “mini tornado” or waterspout to literally cause the sea to boil and turn blood red.


Afterwords, a total of 152 Gulf dolphins  and large numbers of fish were found dead – literally burned to death by what appeared to be a ‘death ray’ from the sky.

dolphin death raySurviving dolphin tries to help mortally injured comrade

Very few of you have probably ever heard of the ongoing scientific atmospheric experiments known as HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, that began in the early 1990s and are still continuing today in various parts of the world.

The US government began these programs with the idea of being able to monitor and even control various world surveillance techniques, as well as improving atmospheric communications.

The main HAARP experiments are being carried out as a joint program by the US Air Force, US Navy, and the University of Alaska. The main experiments are performed at a site located near the town of Gakona, Alaska with the main purpose to study the earth’s ionosphere layer inn order “to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.”

dolphin death rayHormuz Straits, near where event took place.

What makes the unusual dolphin killings even more mysterious is that after this phenomena took place, a series of low level earth quakes measuring between 2 and 3 magnitude in size occurred in the area.

There are some theories that believe the power generated by this scientifically created “death rays” heats up sea water and causes the earth’s crust  plates to shift; thereby causing earthquakes.

The ongoing scientific experiments at the HAARP site in Gatnoa, Alaska, are kept quiet, and those wishing to visit the site are able to do so only on specially coordinated “open houses” which are conducted once annually. There is no visitor center at HAARP, even though the site managers say that HAARP is not a “classified” site.

Conducting scientific experiments with the earth’s atmosphere is not anything new, and has been going on for well over 130 years. Theories of obtaining energy from the electromagnetic radiation given by the sun were made known more than 80 years ago by scientists like Nikola Tesla, who believed that the sun’s electromagnetic radiation was a tremendous source of “free energy” and might one day solve most of the world’s energy problems. Unfortunately, as noted in a previous Green Prophet article, Tesla’s theories and experiments were disputed and literally hidden by energy companies who were afraid that they might take profits away from companies dependent on fossil fuels like oil and coal.

dolpin death rayNikola Tesla

But “free energy” from the earth’s atmosphere was not the only thing that Nikola Tesla thought about. He also believed that this same tremendous force could be made into a “death ray” that would be so powerful and so destructive that it might frighten the nations of this planet to put an end to destructive warfare.

After all, if this “death ray”, in the form of a tornado like force can make sea water boil and kill marine life as it passes over, think what it could do to human beings. Perhaps Tesla’s innovations and theories have been finally accepted after all.

It may be possible that this terrible weapon has not been used yet for the fear of what this tremendous force could do. If it actually can make sea water boil (or create disastrous firestorms on dry land) it could cause a chain reaction of earthquakes and other destructive natural phenomena (like “mega storms” and tsunamis) that could become threatening to the existence of life on this planet – as we know it anyway. Scientific experimentation or “X-files” type of  paranormal phenomena?

You decide, dear reader.


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10 thoughts on ““Death Ray” Dolphin Killing in Persian Gulf May be Worse Than Shark Slaughter”

  1. Jimmy Bob says:

    “would be all over the front pages of the newspapers.” You are clearly oblivious to the amount of control the big co-orperations have.

  2. CC says:

    Hi. I have lived in Dubai for the past ten years. During the last week, I started to WATCH chemtrails AS they were being sprayed above us in the Greens area one day, Karama two days later, and then in the Al Barsha / Burj Al Arab area the next – but at night. These chemtrails zig-zagged and then fattened up and merged together to create a murky haze. Then the blanket broke apart and formed large white clouds that were unnatural – in that they didn’t drift and break apart as clouds do. They were just ridiculously fake. Dubai is a desert – there are rarely clouds here. Well, I went to the beach today, and there was pretty much blue sky with these white clouds everywhere. It looked like a picture, but I knew that it was B.S. Then, I felt dizzy around 2 o’clock. When I left the beach at 2:45, I walked ALL The way home to the Barsha area. The puffy clouds were GONE – they turned into those SCALY vibrated clouds – like crocodile skin! They were ZAPPED – and that is a fact. They had become the most ridiculously unnatural formation I had ever seen. Yes, something is definitely going on in Dubai – and I will continue to post.

  3. out of here says:

    Articles like this make me question the sanity of the friend who recommended this site.

    Shouldn’t you all be making tinfoil hats instead of wasting time here? They might be aiming HAARP at you next, considering you’re about to blow the lid on an international conspiracy.

  4. Maurice Picow says:

    Hi Eric,

    I had an interview with some people who are planning a documentary on a series of strange mass animal die-offs that could be attributed to some kind of magnetic force like that being studied in the HAARP project. I also told them that any connection with this project is still very inconclusive. Your addition of an undersea volcano, could be a very viable theory and could explain the series of 3 magnitude earthquakes, as well as the water color; the sewer-like odor (from sulfur,etc), and the fish kills and burns on the bodies of the dolphins. I think it might be plausible to see whether any volcanic and other seismic activity occurred when this event was reported to have taken place.

    Thanks for your comments!

  5. Eric says:

    I think this is being thought of backwards. Earthquakes + Hot Red Glowing water + weird smell usually means volcanic activity.

    If there is indeed enough volcanic activity happening underwater it would heat up the water (possibly cooking algae or something to get that red affect on the top of the water) which in turn would cause the air over the water to become heated, which when mixed with a cool breeze would cause the waterspout. Not the other way around.

    It seems pretty obvious from the video that this waterspout is connected to the cloud cover above and in no way resembles a death ray. Plus if you look closely the motion of the waterspout is moving stuff upwards. Not downwards.

    As for the HAARP involvement. Mostly just seems like a conspiracy theory that doesn’t hold much water. The project isn’t known by many, making it the perfect basis for conspiracy involvement. But the reason why they seem so “secretive” is that the research they’re doing is REALLY boring. Making a visitor center for a research project with nothing to really offer the public in way of entertainment would seem a bit needless.

    I think this is just one more event in a series that tells me that volcanic activity on earth is increasing (as it probably does naturally every once and awhile) and will probably continue increasing. My guess is that the large schools of fish appearing dead around the world and even birds dropping out of the sky (or slamming into big riggs as happened in california earlier this year) may all be connected to an increasing period of volcanic activity.

  6. Maurice says:

    Hi Guys,

    It doesn’t have to be the USA that is involved. The Russians also were interested in Tesla’s theories; and possibly the Chinese and other nations as well. Tesla considered this weapon to be “one to end all wars”. But this may not be interpreted this way for everyone.

  7. jimmy says:

    Its a great article for the fact that an incredible event occurred that we either cannot explain or are unwilling to try and explain outside our current understanding. Its sad that the dolphins died, but its a helpful indicator as to what this phenomenon is. I mean, how can the dolphins be burnt when they are in the sea?

    I say its torsion fields created by the sun, and when they come through to the earth they cause earthquakes, animal deaths.

    From my reading on torsion fields (thanks russia) i speculate that the pyramid shape dissipates these energetic fields and prevents any negative effects. It could be why they built those pyramids in Russia recently? Just speculation.

  8. Claude says:

    Please Green Prophet. Spurious claims like these are best left to websites like abovetopsecret.com. If there is any evidence that these earthquakes are caused by massive power surges from the sky they would be all over the front pages of the newspapers. Then again I did read that the British Government recently convened a conference on the serious likely hood of a disastrous earthquake in Tehran and Kathmandu. I can see why their would a quake in Tehran but what did Nepal do to Washington!

  9. Maurice says:

    Like it used to be written at the beginning of every X-Files series show, Jimmy: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

  10. jimmy says:

    Not haarp. Why? Look at the tectonic plate map of the earth. There has been activity on most of the major lines, and where there hasnt been activity, there has been social turmoil etc (North africa)

    Look at the mass animal deaths. They seem to have been ‘zapped’ by a blast of energy. Look at the vortex in the picture, it would appear to be a torsion field.

    Earthquakes happen everyday, They must be busy in alaska.


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