Mixing Beer and Wine With Recycling in Lebanon

Lebanese don’t usually need an excuse to party but they might need an incentive to recycle. Albeit one of the only countries at the COP18 climate change negotiations to commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, Lebanon has a shoddy recycling record – mostly because it lacks the necessary infrastructure. Which is why the NGO […]

Make Greener Teens Through Composting

Composting with your teens in an educational family project. Waste not, want not is something that can be taught by making compost. I’ve confess I’ve never much cared whether my vegetables are organic or bought at the neighborhood supermarket. I’ve always thought that the term “organic” is just a marketing ploy targeting a particular group […]


Cooking With Sheep Manure In South Hebron

Yair Teller is one Arava Institute alumni who is improving quality of life for Palestinians living in Susya, South Hebron. Despite the relative luxury of Tel Aviv and parts of Jerusalem, many people throughout Israel and the Palestinian territories continue to eek out a meager living with no access to basic amenities such as water, […]


Compost N’ Cycle – All In A Day’s Work

Good ideas deserve to be shared. The reCYCLISTS in Victoria, B.C., cycle organic waste to a central facility, where the compost is eventually sold. There is nothing like the internet for sharing good ideas. Every so often a good one that originated outside of the Middle East is too good not to share. Like buying […]

Blondes Have More Fun Composting

Maybe blondes really do have more fun, and more fun composting too. It’s easier to get Israelis excited about blondes than about composting, but if you get their eco-attention using a blonde?  That’s a different story.  Atar Friedman, a beautiful young Israeli blonde with a mission, has been trying to get Israelis more conscious about […]


Learn Permaculture and Green Building Techniques in Israel

We’ve had our eyes on Greek-Israeli green architect, Elias Messinas, for a while.  President of the NGO ECOWEEK (active in Greece, Cyprus, and Israel), and an environmental consultant to the Kramim Eco Village project in Israel, he’s also been busy over the past year in organizing a “green” civil engineering lecture series for the city […]

Private Equity Company Buys Up Solid Waste Management Firms in Egypt

[youtube width=”560″ height=”410″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkmDZpNKnms&feature=player_embedded[/youtube]Cairo is a city with 18 million people. Most do not have a way to remove their trash. Garbage Dreams, a new film (see above), explores Zabbaleen and how they recycle garbage in Cairo. A buy-out of two waste-management firms could make the waste management business run more effectively, but impact the trade […]


Hazon Hosts Jewish Food Conference in California

If you are in the California area this winter and you care about food issues, consider heading to Hazon‘s annual food conference, from December 24-27. This is the same group running the sustainable food tour coming up in Israel. This Jewish food seminar looks at the ethics of animal slaughter, sustainable Israeli and Palestinian farming […]