Why Muslims don’t drink alcohol

islam alcoholIt is a well known fact that Muslims don’t drink alcohol. It is haram, which means forbidden. Muslims don’t eat foods with any kind of alcohol or ethanol, they don’t wear perfumes containing alcoholic ingredients and they stay away from all forms of intoxicating substances. Muslims in Dubai also don’t tolerate medical cannabis of any form, even harmless CBD oil. Read here about a man from the UK who was served 25 years in a Dubai prison for 4 bottles of CBD oil.

This abstinence from drugs and alcohol is a command from God, the law maker for Muslims’ health and environment. But why else is alcohol, and drugs in general, haram in Islam? Is biofuel haram? According to one leader in Saudi Arabia it is. Let’s take a look.

Alcohol in Islam

Linguistically, khamr (خمر) the Arabic word for “wine”, is alcohol derived from grapes. This is what is prohibited by specific texts of the Quran (see 5:90). Therefore alcohol is categorically unlawful (haraam) and considered impure (najis). Consuming any amount is unlawful, even if it doesn’t create any drunken effects. This is opposite to Judaism which consecrates its Sabbath every Friday night using alcohol specifically made from grapes.

But when we go back to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad of Islam said, “Intoxicants are from these two trees,” while pointing to grapevines and date-palms. Alcohol derived from dates or raisins is also prohibited, again regardless of the amount consumed.

At first, a general warning in the Quran was given to forbid Muslims from attending prayers while in a drunken state (Quran, 4:43). Then a later verse was revealed to Prophet Muhammad which said that while specifically alcohol had some medicinal benefits, the negative effects of it outweighed the good (Quran, 2:219).

Finally, “intoxicants and gambling” were called “abominations of Satan’s handiwork,” which warned people with self-consciousness to not turn away from God and forget about prayer, and Muslims were ordered to abstain (Quran, 5:90-91).

man drinking at a wedding

Don’t get into this state and don’t be surprised if your Muslim friends don’t attend your wedding if they suspect heavy drinking will take place.

The Prophet Muhammad also instructed his companions to avoid any intoxicating substances (paraphrased), “if it intoxicates in a large amount, it is forbidden even in a small amount.” For this reason, most observant Muslims avoid alcohol in any form, even small amounts that are sometimes used in cooking.

6 reasons why Muslims don’t drink alcohol

1. Alcohol and prayer do not mix

Prayer (salat) is a fundamental part of the Muslim lifestyle, an obligatory call to God five times a day. A ritual eco “wudhu” (woo-dhoo) is necessary before the prayer which involves a water saving ablution to spiritually connect to environment, health and creation. The presence of alcohol in the same room does not affect the prayer, according to Islamic scholars, but anyone who drinks alcohol cannot pray for a month, unless he or she repents. Another obligation to Muslims is the annual Hajj or Haj pilgrimage, at least once in their lifetime. This year Hajj has been cancelled, thanks to corona.

2. It’s addictive

Even when the early Muslims recognised alcohol for its medicinal uses, Prophet Muhammad likened the drink to a “disease”, saying there is no cure in things that God has forbidden. Like the first puff of a cigarette, it is up to individual will-power to continue or stop drinking. Nonetheless, some Muslims seek alcohol treatment.

3. Liquor clouds the intellect

Khamr also describes how alcohol consumption makes it difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. Muslim faith is founded on the intellect, rational thought and good judgement. Anything that could jeopardise this behaviour is forbidden, and another reason why Muslims don’t drink.

4. It gives the wrong message to children

Sitting in a restaurant where alcohol is served is not the same as drinking it. This is why Islamic law has the flexibility to say if someone needs to sit in such a restaurant for a work meeting or because no other diners are available, he/she can, but should not sit at a table where alcohol is served.

Bars and environments where alcohol is served could lead to drinking and in the presence of children, it could teach them to explore drinking. Mature Muslim adults are role models and carry a message that you don’t have to drink to have a good time, to work or to socialise.

Classical and contemporary Islamic scholars have helped explain why an alcohol zone can be as bad as drinking itself,

“The difference between [prohibitions in environment] and [prohibitions related to the end goals] is that while both are forbidden, the former is considered lesser in weight because it is related to causes, whereas the latter is related to an actual forbidden act. Thus, sitting at the table, although not the same as drinking, could lead to it whereas drinking in itself is absolutely forbidden,” says Dr. Abdullah bin Bayyah from Suhaibwebb.

5. Alcohol makes one forget

Any intoxicating substance, whether it’s wine, beer, gin, whiskey or drugs, affects a person’s faculties and behaviour. The result is the same, and the Quran outlines that it is the intoxication-which makes one forgetful of God and prayer-that is harmful.

6. Alcohol can lead to crime

Think about the ridiculous things you might have done when drunk. Although a controversial statement, in Islam alcohol is viewed as the “key to every evil” (hadith), because of its close relation to creating or making criminal behaviour easier to commit. That isn’t an omission of the medicinal uses of alcohol, but to say that a prevention is better than a cure. Thus, the Quran explains, “in alcohol there is a great sin, and some benefits, but the sin outweighs its benefit.” (2:219).

Why Muslims don’t do drugs

All intoxicants were made haraam in Islam’s religious scripture at different times over a period of years. Even CBD oil. Over the years, the list of intoxicating substances has come to include more modern street drugs and the like. But some plants with intoxicating effects such as chewing khat in Yemen and cannabis have slipped into Islam. According to this site, the Muslim scholars are divided over khat, sometimes spelled ghat or gat:

“The three main positions on khat are that it is halal (permissible), makruh (detested or discouraged) or haraam (forbidden). It may be shown that each view has some support in the scholarly literature of Islam.

“Each was accepted by some members of the focus groups. Most of those who participated in the focus groups had a strong view on the correct position pursuant to Islam and this view influenced their decision to support or reject prohibition and to chew or not to chew khat.”

khat, Yemen, youth, illiteracy, education, water shortage, addiction

Young man selling khat, gat or qat leaves in Yemen

Islam prohibits the use of narcotics noting that “every intoxicant is haram (unlawful)”. Recreational drugs have become the social culture and despite religious prohibitions, Muslims are just as susceptible to cannabis (marijuana), hashish, and the supposedly herbal ‘hukkah‘ (a tobacco smoking pipe).

We suggest you speak to your local clerics about individual use because the use of these substances is not cut and dry. Nonetheless, this drug abuse is also haram, not to mention encouraging illegal drug trade and addiction.

Wine that’s halal?

Without side-sweeping the nutritional value to alcoholic beverages, we must accept that wine in particular is not completely “evil”. Wine contains coronary benefits and according to studies, decreases the risk of peptic ulcers.

Hippocrates recommended specific wines to disinfect wounds, and even the great Islamic scholar Ibn Kathir noted wine’s force for better digestion.

In the Quran is the promise of Paradise for people who conserve God’s laws on Earth and leave it as they found it, or better. This Paradise contains rivers of honey, milk and wine which does not intoxicate (see 47:15):

The description of the Paradise promised to the righteous is that in it are rivers of fresh water, rivers of milk that never changes in taste, rivers of wine delicious to drink, and rivers of pure honey. There they will ˹also˺ have all kinds of fruit, and forgiveness from their Lord. ˹Can they be˺ like those who will stay in the Fire forever, left to drink boiling water that will tear apart their insides?

Some great entrepreneurs took this verse from the Quran as inspiration, leading to the production of halal approved wines such as Halal Champ Wine, and Australia’s Patritti Wines of Dover Gardens, which was accredited by the Islamic Council in 2003.

According to a more lenient school of thought in Islam, creams and deodorants containing alcohol are alright to use as it is invariably a synthetic alcohol and not wine (khamr). In Saudi Arabia though, even fuel containing ethanol is getting the haram boot.

A contemporary fatwa (Islamic ruling) classified non-wine alcohol as permitted in external uses such as perfumes and soaps so long as it’s not used in vain or for intoxicating purposes. However, the main consensus is to religiously avoid it.

Buying and selling wine in Islam

For Muslims, when something is made haraam, this means that thing is harmful to one’s health and contribution to the community. That also means Muslims aren’t supposed to encourage others to consume in any haraam, irrespective of who they are.

Dealing with the alcohol trade comes under the haraam category. The Prophet Muhammad forbade people from all actions related to the wine industry, including pressing wine, drinking it, serving it, selling it or buying it. This severity is to stop the expansion of harm caused by alcohol.

And above all, drinking is a lifestyle choice for socialising and enjoying food, a lifestyle that Muslims simply do not indulge in.

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76 thoughts on “Why Muslims don’t drink alcohol”

  1. benisaf says:

    Because the wine goes the mind, and destroy

  2. Mohan menon says:

    Muslims are commanded by Quran to commit bloody crimes like killing, persecuting, burning alive, cutting off hands and limbs, cutting off finger tips, butting the terror in the hearts of unbelievers without being drunk.
    Quran commands Muslims to persecute, kill, burn and cut of hand and legs of unbelievers with out being drunk! Read from the Quran if self!!

    Surat Al-Baqarah 2:191 (The Cow) – سورة البقرة Sahih International
    “And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah (persecution) is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.”

    Quran 7.124, Surat Al-‘A`rāf (The Heights) – سورة الأعراف Sahih International
    I will surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides; then I will surely crucify you all.”

    Quran 8. 12, Surat Al-‘Anfāl
    Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”

    Quran sura 9.5, Sahih International
    And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists(unbelievers) wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

    Quran sura 4.56 Sahih International
    Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire(burn them). Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.

  3. Mohan menon says:

    Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) – سورة النحل Enlarge Text Shrink Text
    This is a portion of the entire surah. View more context, or the entire surah.

    Sahih International
    And from the fruits of the palm trees and grapevines you take intoxicant (Alcohol) and good provision. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who reason.

  4. Shak says:

    I hate maths hence i avoid anything involving working working out sums.

    So if someone told me 2 x 2 x3 = 12
    i would prob say quickly it might be 7

    Untill i look and work out properly and see that no i was wrong and the teacher was right.

    Same with islam

    We all like to go and have a
    smoke a spliff maybe
    Whistle at a sexy fit woman hoping we get lucky
    go for a gamble and call ourselves players.

    And etc etc the list is endless.

    Untill we look closeley like the math problem
    and see that we are wrong

    Getting drunk….we vomit call names we dont remember
    hurt orhers and a sorry dont buy it.

    Spliff we then want something nore like cocaine
    and then become like them begging for a pound.

    Fit woman hey untill we realize someone out there might also like a night with our gfriend wife daughter leading us to rage

    So islam says conduct yourselfs

    But hey i only started outvsaying i hate maths.¡¡¡

  5. TrickyDicky says:

    What a load of absolute bollocks.

    To believe all this nonsense about imaginary friends that forbid this and make you pray and repress women illustrates a very weak mind.

    1. sycologyman says:

      Hi tricky dicky

      The way you responded to the topic makes it clear ,that you love to drink .So you’re way of thinking is based on you’re desire,not on you’re thinking.IF we use our brain correctly we find that most car accidents, rapes,murders,insest,sickness are the cause of drinking ,as it destroys the way of thinking normally.This is the best answer for a person who thinks prop

  6. Miikayl says:

    This is an excellent article, although I must confess to being disappointed by the arguments put forth by its critics – they either don’t understand Islam or choose to ignore the answers to their points which have all been dealt with before. More of the same please!

  7. Shane says:

    Hmm. Intoxicants and gambling: Hashish and horse/camel/falcon racing. Highly suspect !
    Where does the Quran say that women have to cover every bit of skin, or even just cover their faces ?

    1. aqsa says:

      its fobidden in islam n stated i QURAN… but i wonder why u guys are only concerned about veil.? n as far as the above suspected things you are concerned about so these are completely prohibited in islam,as well but its another thing that muslims are not following islam no matter what ancient muslim country they are belonging to. hope u got ur answer.

  8. To quote: ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

    “Isn’t wine prohibited here?” the boy asked.
    “It’s not what enters men’s mouths that’s evil,” said the alchemist.

    “It’s what comes out of their mouths that is.”

  9. Ed says:

    The most likely practical reason for Muhammed’s decision to ban alcohol is that his army consisted of several tribes that had often been at war in the past. Brawls and other conflicts between them would have been exacerbated by the presence of alcohol. A teetotal army has an obvious advantage over one that drinks; history is replete with instances where an army was defeated because they were caught off guard while the soldiers were letting their hair down with a few wineskins.

  10. Rayanah says:

    Some info for pork lovers and those criticizing Muslims.

    Hogs are Scavengers

    They were created as scavengers; as a rule they are meat-eating animals that clean up anything that is left dead in the fields, etc.

    If any animal should die in the field and lie in the sun until it is broken open and the maggots and putrefaction have set in, swine or other scavengers will come and eat the filth and putrid matter. The flesh of scavengers was never meant for human consumption.
    Scavengers, such as swine, are the filthiest and most abominable creatures. In their very nature they are poisonous, diseased and deadly.

    The flesh of swine is said by many authorities to be the prime cause of much of our American ill health, causing blood disease, weakness of the stomach, liver troubles, eczema, consumption, tumors, cancer, trichinosis, etc.

    …the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you. (Leviticus 11:7–8)

    1. Helena Brunne says:

      My dear any creature hungry enough and left to its own devices will “scavenge” and eat whatever it finds. Humans too, if push came to shove. That is a ridiculous point of proof. I don’t eat pigs because it is absolutely inhumane, particularly in this day and age. Are copious health problems caused by eating pork? Likely so, but not because of the essence of the animal, but because of what it is force-fed by its human caretakers. The Old Testament as you have quoted does restrict pork from the hebrew diet, but you need to read on. Christ, under God Almighty’s instructions, later abolished many such practices when he formed a new covenant that allowed all people, Jews and Gentiles, into the fold.

      Here is an issue, I find far more grevious than pork eating or alcochol drinking or gambling or hijab-wearing….A man who had previously studied the Judeo-Christian bible, went into a cave one night, had visions, and came out the next day with a brand new “book” repackaged from the old one, keeping what he wanted and discarding what he didn’t, and then his followers have the audacity to challenge the genuine article – the Holy bible – as well as its adherents. Very strange indeed.

      1. Johnny Morales says:

        Are you really that blind to the fact that Christianity can be impugned the exact same way and for the same reason you impugn the authenticity of Islam?

        The term you use that you think implies a shared equal legitimacy for both Judaism and Christianity does NOTHING of the sort.

        Judeo-christian is a sociological term, not a religious one.

        The hyphen is due to being a made up term, a portmanteau.

        It does not represent a figurative umbilical cord that ties Judaism to Christianity.

        It does not imply that Judaism sees Christianity as an equal or that Christianity is the legitimate successor to Judaism.

        Judaism does NOT support christian beliefs any more than it support the beliefs in Islam.

        You are oblivious to the irony you create when you dismiss Rayanah’s reasons why Islam’s halal standards consider pork unclean, since observant Jews say much the same thing about pigs. There are some Jews who become nauseous at the thought of eating bacon for goodness sake. And don’t even ask them to understand the concept of a “christmas ham”.

        Jesus and Mohammad using the Jewish Bible as a source text only made them equal in the eyes of their followers, There is no basis for what you seem to think that Christians have claimed Judaism’s legitimacy as its own.

        Neither requested and never received so to speak the stamp of approval from the proper Jewish religious authorities.

        In many ways they stole Jewish religious beliefs and reporpoised them to fit their own needs.

        The old testament is the Bible true, but the new testament is a HERETICAL reinterpretation of the real deal.

        Likewise calling the Christian bible the Bible is a direct slap in the face of Judaism, and also does NOT confer Jewish legitimacy on the Christian faith.

        Your book is indeed a “bible” but it is NOT “The Bible.” There is only one true Bible, and Jesus has no role in it

        Jesus never received approval from the Jewish elders to throw out their Bible to establish his own religion, and to this day Judaism does not accept this as his right.

        Christians may believe he is the son, but Judaism sees him as a half-mad heretical, derelict priest whose delusions of grandeur have caused Jews untold suffering through the centuries.

        It is truly absurd to think as you do that today or ever Judaism saw him as a legit religious figure. .

        Just because Christians think otherwise does not give Christianity any greater or prior claim on original Judaism.

        It’s funny how christians like you seem to think that you have some special connection to the original Judaism that confers it a legitimacy that Islam lacks, when the truth is at best both are are HERETICAL, grossly corrupted forms of proper Judaism.

        1. nun ya says:

          Ridiculous! You can sit here and spout personal opinion all day long….just because you say these things doesn’t make you correct! Find peace in “your” religion but please leave others alone.

        2. Helen Brunne says:

          There is little more heretical than a fellow who was versed in the Judeo-Christian bible, disgruntled with his own concept of modern religion and looking publicly looking for a new one, going into a cave (probably high on desert mushrooms) and coming out with his own repackaged version of the Bible and calling it the Quran keeping what he wanted and dispensing with what he didnt. I especially love the part where he was allowed to have innumerable wives, including the ten year old Aisha he consummated marriage with at ten years old. You can have him and his new religion. I prefer a spotless as driven snow Jesus. Call me nuts! I like to think of God as virtuous and unblemished as Christ, son of God, God incarnate is. As far as your inability to see the connection between the Jewish bible and the Christian – the Christian is the revelation promised distinctly and concisely in the Old Testament. Maybe you need to read it, to understand the correlation.

          1. lex says:

            Muhammad (saw) was not versed in the bible. Revelation was brought to him by Angel Gabriel. I’ve noticed Christians who accuse Muhammad (saw) of ripping the bible to be filled with anger and bigotry towards muslims. Christ (saw) was never God nor did he claim to be. We love Christ (saw), he was born of a virgin and performerd miracles. He didn’t die for anyone’s sins. But we love him. Christ (saw was a man of truth. But to accuse Muhammad (saw) of stealing from the bible shows absolute ignorance and no further opinion of yours can even be taken seriously after making such an idiotic statement.

          2. Helen Brunne says:

            So you love Christ – you just conveniently disregard everything He said, including the fact he is the Son of God and God Incarnate. The Prophet Muhammed was a hack and a charlatan. Even the Village Idiot, if he applied himself, could figure out the little scam this supposed prophet pulled. That such a tribe of Muslim people in the centuries to follow could not work this out for themselves is indeed mind-boggling.

        3. Helen Brunne says:

          Just two things – Judeochristian is NOT a portmanteau. Good try. It is a Classical Compound – the reason? Firstly the linking “O” is tell tale for a classical or neoclassical compound and Judaism is derived of Latin whereas Christian is dervied from Greek, both predating the French word Portmanteau which is used in more recent modernity to show a new word used by linking two others (not classical).

          Secondly, the word “nauseous” as you use it is out of context. I believe you meant nauseated. Otherwise the Jewish person(s) you refer to would be making other people feel sick to their stomachs.

          The rest of your response is similarly nonsense.


          1. Helen Brunne says:

            P.S. The above comment was for Johnny Morales 🙂

    2. ninetyninepct says:

      Pork was seen as a bad food that made people sick mainly because uneducated primitive peoples didn’t know about proper cooking methods and the need for high temperatures to cook meats. This concept has carried on for the uneducated lower intelligence uninformed ignorant societies and cults that still exist today. This low intelligence manifests itself in ways other than just food, for example blindly following religion or horrible treatment of women as possessions and treating them on a level with animals. Some peoples refuse to allow themselves to modernize and adapt to changing standards, preferring to live stupidly in the 6th century, desperately trying to bring all others down to their level.

    3. Neke says:

      What does swine have to do with wine? I avoid both, and am not Muslim. Just better for one’s health. Interestingly enough, pigs that have been rescued from abusive farms have demonstrated intelligence. I don’t see why anyone would call them filthy and abominable, when after all, they are doing exactly what they were designed to do. Without scavengers our environment can become overwhelmingly contaminated. Do you loath beetles in the same way? Without the dung beetle cow pastures would smother from dung, and die out. Every creature has a purpose.

  11. I agree.Drinking is not good & harmful to brain;memory;intellegence;wisdom&cleanliness.
    Instead people should drink milk mixed Tea or Coffee as Social Drink or in Party / Picnic.
    People may eat fresh good quality washed grapes; or drink fresh good clean grape juice
    or fruit juices;butter-milk; sweet/salt lassi (Indian);lime juice;hot pepper mix tomatto soup.
    — Er. Sunil Pedgaonkar;India;Chartered Engineer(India);MIE(India); CEAI ( FIDIC Associate )
    Registered Consulting Engineer(India)
    E-Mail:- Sunil dot A dot Pedgaonkar @ GMail Com
    Mob./ Cell 91 – 9483368701 India

  12. Helena Brunne says:

    And yet Jesus, God (but apparently known as a revered prophet to the Muslim people) drank wine. In reading this article the reasons for abstaining from drinking alcohol all seem to be aligned with one experiencing a lack of control. Perhaps, the emphasis, in the first place, should be on the devoted soul having self control in the first place. If a man sees a beautiful woman who pleases him, he does not rape her. He practises self control. Oh, wait, I am just reminded of the hijab and its necessity in the Muslim world so women should not be found appealing by Muslim men who lack self control – okay strike that point from the conversation. I like to go by jewelry stores and window shop. Often there is a bauble or two I find lovely enough I would like to own, but I stop short of going it fund-less, and lifting it. I practise self control. When I go to the bakery in Paris and see homemade delights which are out of this world and my stomach can surely accommodate three chocolate eclairs and a torte slice, I stop at one chocolate eclair. I practise self control. When my husband or child are mouthy or obnoxious, I reason with them and stop short of putting the back side of my hand against his or her face. I practise self control. I have a beautiful meal on a warm summer night and compliment it with a glass of Malbec because it enhances the subtle flavours of the food and turns good into sublime. When I have finished that glass, and perhaps, a second, I abstain from any more. I practise self control. What I’m getting at is, I think the prophet Mohamed should have found bigger fish to fry – but just not in beer sauce of course, or a wine marinade either for that matter.

    1. Rayanah says:

      Hi, What does Christianity teach you is Jesus God or the Son? As stated in the Quran Jesus said to the people to obey God. If you believe in Jesus than u would agree with what He believed in and the commandments they are part of ur religion. Religion is a reason to fear God and believe a and find guidance. To fear God is to be self conscious and in control of ones acts as they fear Gods punishment. In saying that Islam is similar and Muslims fear God and try to self control themselves from committing sin and evil. That my dear is called patience and submission. Which is from Gods mercy unto us. Let’s not play Gods role in judging others and executing them as this is Gods role and we shall be accounted and told of all that we use to do on Earth in public and in secret, when we stand before God in the hereafter.

    2. Rayanah says:

      You know Islam is lovely and fair that Muslim are not to differentiate between race, colour or other religions. We are all equal in Gods sight and it’s disobedience/arrogance to believe, our actions and deeds that differentiate between us. Muslim are not taught to discriminate, execute or mock others. Rather be understanding and be patient and rely on God alone. Islam teaches Muslims to conduct themselves in a fair manner at all times and to only fear God.

      1. Helena Brunne says:


        To answer your first question as to what does Christianity teach? Although it can be a difficult concept to understand – Jesus, the Son of Man, came to the earth as God incarnate, and consequently He is God. He is the bridge or as theology would term it, the Intercessor. I am not a theologian, merely a believer, so for me to attempt to explain this adequately to a non-Christian would do it little justice. When Christ saw the high priests were spending too much time “practising religion” to suit the eyes of men, instead of believing with a pure heart to truly serve God, he recognized the problem and abolished many of the “symbolic practises” of the Jews – circumcision, abstaining from the consumption of pork, etc., etc. He knew the emphasis should be on the true spirit of holy communion. He understood God wanted men and women of devoted minds and hearts, not those who thought it was enough – through their rituals – to merely give the semblance to the temporal world as men and women of God.

        Self-control in a disciple should be inherent. True alignment to God through virtue and spirit should be of more concern than if one sips a glass of wine, reads the holy book in Arabic, etc. etc. God is no fool.

    3. Fouroux says:

      Yes self control, easy if you are not an alcoholic.

  13. tabou says:

    You know someone said all is good in Balance.
    The thing is where is our balance? I m worried about mother nature. And we are talking about such bullshit as alcohol. We should talk about -what leads to alcohol- ! This is trumendously more interesting!

    Religion isn’t a book. It’s a philosophy of life. Religion : the meaning of this word means /Read, bind, connect and to respect what is sacred/. Tell me, what is sacred? Where do we link each other? With internet? Where is the eyes connection? A webcam? No. Nothing. Life starts where there is life. Internet and rooters give Death! (try to grow plants or bees next to you rooter 😉 )
    And this article just is so small and restrictive… What is sacred? Tell me. In our evolved western civilisation what is sacred? we forget everything, we consume everything, we run… Time/ money/ is sacred? But that is far away from what is truly sacred! Aborignans communities know what is sacred. Ho yes, they are almost all dead but who cares, let’s talk about alcohol or another entertainment full of shit while the sacred of the world dissapear for…. what for? A crazy machinery.
    Wake up people… THIS text is a call to religion, the real Religion! The one that thinks about life and love! =/

  14. manjit singh says:

    Hahaha….. then i guess only 10% of muslims are muslim and countries like pakistan and afganistan doesnt have any muslim because they all have are terrorists….. and islam best religion…. plese hear osho rajnesh on islam… and yes i dont think i need to read ypur qouran because your teachings can be seen thro ugh your action…. to kniw about hinduism and spirituallity in it read books of hindus, buddihst, jains… you will know… today millons of people are understanding its spiritality through yoga and ayurveda….

    1. Rayanah says:

      One third of world is Muslim if Islam was so violent they’d be no one left on earth… Yet Islam is so popular and growing in numbers. Best not to be arrogant and be open minded and seek proper knowledge before u conclude or make a statement. Remember Islam is a religion of God no something humans put together or altered over the years with new editions. Islam is perfect but Muslims are not and so are humans in general.

      1. TalkingSense says:

        There is no god.

        The islamic religion is about 500 years behind real humanity.

        BTW Alcohol is massively beneficial when consumed in moderation.

        Them’s the fact lad.

  15. Tota Toti says:

    I really wonder How non muslims can drink wine ? Although all the disadvantages of it they insist to drink it !

    wine makes people come out of their senses , isn’t it ?? !!!!!!!!! they become like someone have no mind

    they cause harm to their selves and the other people too when they are drunk

    they can do all crimes in this case !!

    You must know a thing .. ISLAM didn’t forbid a thing like this

    every thing is not good for society and people is forbidden ” haram ” in ISLAM

    please , don’t judge muslims by persons who are muslims only with name !

    A real muslim ; don’t kill , don’t be jealous , Don’t abuse others even if they are not muslims

    if you read more about islam , and if read Quraan , you’ll know that islam is the best religion in the world

    1. dilara says:

      hello. i agree. absolutely. i wasnt muslim and i read Quran and a lot of things about that. and i thought that; Islam can bring me everything: my family, my good friends, my good habits, a good husband and children. everything i want. so i chose this religion. of course people dont have to have the same religion. actully they shouldnt. but people should understand each other. everbody wants respect. i love people, i love world. i have frieend who is christian or etc. but we are okay. if you have respect for each other you can do everything each other. Allah is you 🙂

  16. manjit singh says:

    Thogh drinking alcohol is haram for muslim in india and pakistan 95% of them drink…. has ur religuon said to carry out with crimes like rapes, murder, theft, dacoity…. because in all over the world whenever a crime is done… after many surveys it was found that in 90% of the crimes muslims are involved…. is this permissible in ur religion or permitted by the quran plz tell…

    1. Y usuf Saliym says:

      Alcohol or any intoxicants are forbidden in Islam. If 95% of India drinks what does that have to do with Islam? Religiously, it is forbidden. The people just disobeyed. The Quran tells the muslim that it is a great sin to kill an innocent person, and anyone who does so will suffer great torment in the hereafter: …So We decreed for the tribe of Israel that if someone kills another person – unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth – it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Qur’an 5: 32)
      People who do otherwise has disobeyed. Many people blame the religion for what it’s followers do instead of what the religion itself teaches. The religion is perfect. People are not.

      1. manjit says:

        I think u dindt undersatand my question completly…. i said…. in naximam criminal cases a muslim is involved…. in maximum cases…. which means either their religion or there spritual girus like maulwis are teaching them to do this things…. and i think u cannot deny the fact… becausr this happening all around the globe…

        1. AM says:

          I don’t think you understood his answer completely. The first step to understand anything is to remove your personal bias and prejudice and to consider it objectively, so I ask you do as such.

          Done? OK, first of all, those numbers are wrong. I don’t know much about Pakistan but I can tell you for a fact that the majority of Muslims do not drink in India. I’ve been to various Arab countries (Saudi included) and while those countries are devoted to Islam, I’ve noticed that Muslims in India are stronger in faith than even those in the middle east.

          What the brother above me said is correct, Islam does not permit either drinking or killing. Islam does not teach to give harm to other, in fact it asks you to treat each other (be they Muslim or not) with utmost respect, as if they were your brothers and sisters. So, no, it is definitely not the religion which is teaching people to do these things. Do not judge a religion by the people who follow it, judge it by something more authentic such as the Quran and you will find that it is pure and perfect in all regards. As for the whoever is teaching people to commit those crimes, well, its honestly a lack of education and a good quality of life. Muslims have had it bad for a very long time, a lot of us are uneducated and therefore unable to think critically and are easily brainwashed into doing these crimes. Others are often fueled with hatred and revenge (both forbidden in Islam) and commit crimes in the names of Islam even though they have their own personal intents. Regardless the reason, don’t blame the religion for what they do, blame the people themselves. It is kind of like saying the spoon is making you fat, whereas it is really you shoving all those sweets down your throat; don’t blame the spoon, blame yourself.

          It is stated several time in the Quran that us humans are created with free will and we can choose to do the right thing or the wrong, that is up to us. The purpose of the Quran is to guide us through this lifetime so that we can face the hereafter without regrets. For you see, you will be accounted for everything good or bad you do in this lifetime at the day of judgement and be rewarded or punished as such.

          I generalized a lot of things as I just cannot source everything or say it in detail but then again, you are a bigger culprit of that. So ya, please pick up the Quran or Google some translation and try to understand the religion before you ask us not to “deny the facts” because I just denied them.

          Also, learn to type properly.

          1. mohammad reza salehi says:

            that was a crystal clear explanation muslim brother

        2. Rayanah says:

          Hi ..Then u tell me why do Christians and Jews commit crimes eg. Murdering, raping, drinking, adultery… When all the Prophets that they believe in never committed those crimes. Why don’t Christian women cover their chaste like Marry did ? And the men like Jesus did? I’ve always wanted to Know if Jesus was God where did he declare that? As the Quran doesn’t state that it states that Jesus said to the ppl believe in God…And if God can create Adam from clay and a drop of water than Jesus must be same creation only difference is that virgin Marry gave birth to Him. As God does what He pleases and is capable of all things. The Quran again states a whole verse regarding this matter and Muslims love Jesus as much as any other Prophet and we believe in His return to Earth approaching Doomsday. God forbids humans to go near anything harmful or to consume it as He knows what is hidden and all that is good and bad for us. God doesn’t want to hurt us or to be mislead as alcohol drugs adultery musical instruments all sway one from self control and sanity misleading one to go stray being forgetful and deceived through our weakest our skin and senses, that’s the work of the devil himself. The devil is the enemy who will corrupt between us all and promised our father Adam and our Lord he will deceive us in to going astray. Here God replies only the ones that are true believers/ righteous. Intoxicating oneself to kill themselves slowly through those forbidden substances. Is also Satans work. It is God who gives life and takes it. When I say Islam God/Allah Muhammad Quran U have to understand that it’s concerning all humans not just Muslims. As God sent prophets and testimonies to all mankind He is the exalted the One and only God to all mankind who knows our strength and weakness. People existing in the time of Abrahim who believed in him were called Muslims. God states in the Quran that Abrahim was Muslim. Muslim means to submit or surrender to the creator and trust Him in all ur affairs. Also Islam teaches us to be content with the most basic and to glorify and praise God every day for His Mercy and sustenance. It also teaches us not to be inheritance of this world as it’s just a journey and to strive for the hereafter which is eternal. To do good to ur relations neighbors and so on and to treat others fairly justly and kindly with generosity of what we have. To also be forgiving and less judging and be self concerning working on our faith to please Thee. That’s exactly what Muslims are all about and the last Prophet declaring Islam being Muslim was Muhammad. Followed same ways of Abrahim who came before Jesus. My Q is what does Christianity teach you about Jesus is He the son or the God? Coz that’s quite confusing with all respect, to me a God never dies and is superior and a God has no partners nor begotts or is begotten, if God had partners or relations than there would have been conflict of interest in ruling this world and this world would have been so corrupted with no sense of direction, true? I believe one is judged as an individual and not by religion. One should rethink things and make sense of things before they urge or start any argument or post it in public. Least to say stereotype. The media taught us to stereotype and fed us negative thoughts that’s only way they grab ur attention. It’s a leeway for the actual “terrorist and western leaders” to get into the middle east and corrupt, murder, rape, and steal the petrol and gold and take control of the Middle East innocent ppl dying whilst u and I sit here and play tennis shots. Where’s ur statistics on that? Or do u call that “self defence” why Muslims are on record for crimes and so on I think u need to update that and be sure where u get ur info from as we speak the Middle East is in crises majority Muslims dying everyday because some “people” have an agenda to fulfill and become greedy over humanity and have a thing against Islam in total challenging God and preparing for the One Eyed Horris/ Dajjal/Anti Christ…but nothing last forever and God sees and hears everything and the best part about the Quran is that all the worldly issues we all talk about everyday are instilled in the Holy Book and God speaks of their plotting and those who disbelieve or mock Islam and Muslims God also mentions about Ppl who came before us and dis obeyed and were punished. I only dare you to take a peek maybe u will find truth and guidance and even gain knowledge and understand why? Since Islam is perfect and pure I can’t deny Muslims are not perfect and some do set wrong example but then we can say the same to other members of other religions too. God mentions he will forgive anyone asking as they sincerely repent from their sin and continue to beleive and do righteous he promises the believers and sincere righteous ones what He promised all nations and prophets who came before us, Eternal Bliss paradise. Welcome to the world of good and bad that’s why God forbade alcohol, adultery, stealing and so on.if man had no watch over him then the sky is the limit for sinning since religion teaches us to keep control of our desires explaining consequences at same time if we to dis obey. By the way alcohol did exists in the past but it came to an end in the times of the last Prophet sent to mankind Muhammad due to people going astray and losing their sense of direction and stopped worshipping God properly or not at all. God sent us prophets messengers and testimonies as glad tidings and warnings so we may see light and stay on the straight path and believe in Him the Al mighty His miracles, His Mercy and Punishment, His Angles,testimonies, prophets, trials of fate good and bad in them and hereafter. All this is evident in the Quran. The Quran is a divine collection of all the testimonies from David, Jesus, Moses and Abrahim times.. Quran it is the word of God as Muhammad was illiterate so it’s divine and unchanged and God promised it will never change the Quran has been existing in it’s original form since last revelation for about 1435 years. The Quran has also been a source of liberty for women as God gave them their rights and a Gold mine for scientist as they gain knowledge and wisdom from it to be precise. Islam has been existing before last Prophet Muhammad and even prior to Jesus but the revelation the Quran was introduced in the times of the last Prophet Muhammad. I hope I was able to answer all Qs concerning those in interest. Take care

          1. Rayanah says:

            Typo* Satan promised God he will mislead (Adams children) us, have to look into Quran if he promised Adam. But hay first person died on earth was Habil the son of Adam our brother killed by his brother Qabil as Satan gets between them. He will remain that way till end of times, unless we have Gods protection he can’t hurt us.

      2. Andrew Berzins says:

        Seriously. It’s bad to drink beer but it’s okay – as a certain important man in his 50s did – to marry and have sexual intercourse with a child? Sure, it’s great that he didn’t try it when she was six, and waited until she was nine at least. But – wow – those 5% beers are the problem.

  17. Yusuf says:

    Not allowed to use parfum with alcohol? that’s just bullshit, only consumption is not allowed…you cant consume a parfum, never seen anyone do that, maybe on youtube who loves to get alot of views…

    1. Rayanah says:

      In our times, because of the widespread use of alcohol in all sorts of things, it has become very difficult to avoid it. This is why great Hanafi scholars of our times have given the abovementioned fatwa, in that the external use of this type of alcohol is not Haram. However, its oral intake is still impermissible except in cases of necessary medication.

      Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (may Allah preserve him) states in his monumental Arabic work Takmila Fath al-Mulhim:

      “With the above (explanation given by Shaykh Taqi on the different types of alcohol), the ruling with regards to the various types of alcohol, the usage of which has become widespread and they are used in many medicines and perfumes, becomes known, in that if the alcohol is extracted from grapes or dates, then there is no question of it being permissible or pure. However, if the alcohol is derived from other than grapes or dates, then there is no problem according to the view of Imam Abu Hanifa, in that it will not be unlawful to use such alcohol (m, and perfumes and medicines made thereof) for medical or other lawful purposes as long as the alcohol does not reach the level of intoxication…. And normally the alcohol used in medicines, perfumes, etc is not extracted from grapes and dates, rather it is derived from seeds, honey, chemicals, petrol, etc. (Takmila Fath al-Mulhim Sharh Sahih Muslim, 3/608)

      To summarise, it would be permitted to use the various types of perfumes, deodorants and creams that contain alcohol due to the fact that the alcohol contained in them is from other than grapes, dates and barley or it is a synthetic alcohol (formulated from chemical substances) and not the khamr (wine) that is absolutely impermissible and filthy.

      However, it is more religiously precautionary to avoid using such perfumes and deodorants, whenever reasonably possible, because of the differences of opinion regarding it.

      But it should be remembered that, occasionally certain deodorants, perfumes, etc contain alcohol that is derived from grapes, dates, etc, such as synthetic ethyl alcohol, thus making the perfume or cream impure and unlawful to use.

      And Allah knows best

  18. Bajram Curri says:

    Why is alcohol forbidden in ISLAM?
    Intoxicants were forbidden in the Qur’an through several separate verses revealed at different times over a period of years. At first, it was forbidden for Muslims to attend to prayers while intoxicated (4:43). Then a later verse was revealed which said that alcohol contains some good and some evil, but the evil is greater than the good (2:219). This was the next step in turning people away from consumption of it. Finally, “intoxicants and games of chance” were called “abominations of Satan’s handiwork,” intended to turn people away from God and forget about prayer, and Muslims were ordered to abstain (5:90-91). (Note – the Qur’an is not arranged chronologically, so later verses of the book were not necessarily revealed after earlier verses.)

  19. Hui V Rot says:

    Yalalallalalalalala BOOOM!!! All alcohol in islam is forbidden unless used in a bomb to kill innocent people. It is only haram to drink alcohol. Killing is A-OK.

    1. Hussaini says:

      ya, that’s really brilliant of you to write that you idiot, why even bother replying to a forum to which mostly educated people can discuss issues…??
      everyone has a right to make their own decisions and pay for them whether in a good or bad way later on–what comes around goes around. I have never heard of such a thing that most staunch Muslims don’t use perfumes or ethanol, that’s a load of hooey. And yes, please for goodness sake, learn to type and spell properly!!

    2. Allison says:

      Wow, you are so ignorant that it’s embarrassing. If you learned even the slightest bit about Islam you’d realize that your stereotype is completely false. The actions of a few extremists do not determine an entire religion’s beliefs.

    3. dilara says:

      “I advise you ten things, Do not kill women or children or an aged, infirm person. Do not cut down fruit-bearing trees. Do not destroy an inhabited place. Do not slaughter sheep or camels except for food. Do not burn bees and do not scatter them. Do not steal from the booty, and do not be cowardly.”

      The message of the Quran is clear as we have seen, that the sanctity of any human life is to be respected and any violation in that regard is paramount to the worst crime.

    4. Rayanah says:

      That’s ur sarcastic opinion nothing of what u say is true. If this website isn’t concerning u than u shouldn’t be posting these sarcastic comments to become known or to stereotype. Look at ur fingers tell me if they are all the same. I also would like to ask u George Bush and Obama they not Muslims they bombing like crazy infact bombarding the Middle East with a map in their hand “the Agenda” why are u not labeling them as terrorist is it because u believe in what they beleive?

  20. someguy says:

    When using any alcohol in cooking, all of the alcohol evaporates during cooking so really it should be allowed in cooking.

  21. Jethro Tull says:

    “Muslim faith is founded on the intellect, rational thought and good judgement.” That’s the biggest joke I have heard in years. No religion is founded on rational thought or intellect. It’s founded on one clever leader and a flock of sheep that will follow and bow to his every word.

    1. Rayanah says:

      The leaders U impose have respect and are called Prophets/ Messengers of God they were infact sent to ppl like you with glad tidings and revelations for ur own benefit, guidance. God is the One who gives the Prophets ProphetHood wisdom and intellect ability and courage. For if humans to count Gods mercy, they are countless. Mmm where to start ur sight, ur health, ur job, ur life…. Islam teaches one to have a purpose in life it’s a way of life. It’s teaches one to be just and fair. First religion to give a woman her right and took the black people out of slavery and discrimination, gave animals their rights, parents their rights, gave the victim their rights, the consumer their rights, the environment and it’s sustenance it’s rights and list goes on, this goes to show that “Muslim faith is founded on the intellect, rational thought and judgement”.

  22. Amit says:

    if Alcahol was bad,Then why Allah Promice Alcahol with 72 virgins in jannat for sucide bombars?

    1. Utau says:

      This is just my guesstimate…I really might be wrong so please tell me if I am..
      It might be because the alcohol that is part of THIS world may have humans do all of these bad things like get addicted or do something really bad just because they are intoxicated. Also because of the children, they don’t need to have people like that around while they are still growing up. However for the suicide bombers, I’m thinking since they are not part of THIS world anymore, they can indulge in things like that since it theoredically do the same thing as if he/she were still alive….

      Hope it helped 🙂 but if it didnt please tell me so I can correct myself!
      Thanks bunches

    2. Rayanah says:

      No God promised hell for suicide killers and likewise to those who disbelieve belie/mock God and the prophets, hypocrites and are arrogant the list goes on u have to go through hell to get to heaven. No one shall enter heaven only at the Mercy of God or after cleansing one from thy sins some will get punished in this world and hereafter and some in this world, during the time of death, in their grave. Unless they repent from they sins God is oft forgiving and most gracious. God will swap their bad deeds with good deeds if they sincere in repentance.

    3. Rayanah says:

      Just to add their are many sectors in Islam that call themselves Muslim and might be involved in common accusations such as ” suicide bombers” however keep in mind some people are Muslim by name but not by faith or spirit. Just like many others sects of other religions.

  23. Rita says:

    I’m muslim and I respect my religion.Can somebody tell why should we don’t drink alcohol and why we don’t look the other side.We use alcohol in medicine for different disease and some consider as disinfectant.If alcohol and drugs are prohibited why people should drink tea or caffe or cigarette,they all are narcotic substances,but some of us use caffe or tea because they don’t wanna have problems withe their heart.Caffe and tea are good for other things in our body,but if you drink to much than you would have problem,maybe you can die.So I think that we shouln’t tell DON’T DRINK ALCOHOl,but DON’T DRINK TO MUCH,because everything that is to much it’s not healthy,for example chocolates are so good,but when you eat to much you don’t feel good and they can make problems in blood or when you eat to much you can have stomach ache.So everything excessive is not good.

    1. khti says:

      @”Rita” You don’t know anything about your religion if you think Alcohol isn’t forbidden. Even the most ignorant Muslims know any intoxican is haram. Anyone who has read the Qur’an knows that alcohol is in the fire and the people who drink it along with it. La hawla wa la quwwata illah billah

  24. Amine says:

    Why do you think Allah even permits eating pork when it is the only resort or drink alcohol if it will save your life and there is no water around. Allah (God in Arabic) is the one in control of all. The day when we start judging others and be suspicious on what they serve you will be the day when we think we are self-sufficient and God’s rules are not to listen to. Allah says eat and honor the people of the book and that is what we should all do. You do the right thing with the right intentions to forbid from haraam and let Allah take care of the rest. Yes you can ask not to be given pork nor alcohol in a salad but some Muslims really miss the point. I have had meat from Sam’s club that I used to buy from a Muslim store saying Halal meat ( I found out later) , so I was cheated , but not really thanks God, because that meat from the people of the book is also Halal.

  25. Amine says:

    We Muslims are given the ok by God to honor the people of the book (the Christians and the Jews). It is allowed to eat their food as long as it contains no pork. Now, do Muslims have to investigate how the food was cooked ? and the answer is NO. All we Muslims can do is ask a non-Muslim when served food is where the dish that contains pork is to avoid it because we don’t eat pork. If it is cooked food then you know for sure that even if alcohol was used in the cooking that alcohol is gone period. And here is the proof that many Muslims don’t even want to consider unfortunately and it is in the Quran (certainly a commandment that should be honored which shows the greatness and fairness of God the almighty): {This day we have made lawful to you all types of good (food) and the food (slaughtered meat) which come to you from the people of the book (Jews & Christians) is lawful for you just like your food is lawful for them}

    So if meat is from a Christian or a Jew (not pork) then you don’t even need to argue. Is it even possible to guarantee that a Muslim who slaughtered the animal from where we eat said the name of God when slaughtering ??? No, and that is where we are ordered to trust in God and have the intention to avoid haraam but then eat from the Christians and the Jews and honor them for the sake of God.

    And God knows best

    1. Hussaini says:

      this is kind of treading on dodgy ground–I really don’t like it when people use this ‘People of the Book’ excuse to go ahead and just eat non-halal meat or have a drink of wine or whatever…The fact is, Allah is merciful and forgiving and we Muslims who beleive that know that under the most dire of circumstances, and if it is not available, than only is it acceptable to eat meat which had not been killed in the Islamic way. It doesn’t mean that we should just go ahead and eat any meat (other than pork) unless we absoultely have to. There are so many provisions given in Islam that makes it easy on us, not difficult actually. Simply put, try NOT to drink unless you have to for medicinal purposes or that there is not a drop of water left on the earth except for a few bottles of wine, and try NOT to eat meat if it is not halal unless it is totally unavailable and you don’t have access to eat, or just go vegetarian for a while 😉 the point is, just AVOID as much as possible–the rest is between you and God

    2. Rayanah says:

      With regard of meat, if those who slaughter it – companies or individuals – are from the People of the Book, Jews or Christians, then the meat is permissible. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
      “Made lawful to you this day are At-Tayyibaat [all kinds of Halaal (lawful) foods, which Allaah has made lawful (meat of slaughtered eatable animals, milk products, fats, vegetables and fruits)]. The food (slaughtered cattle, eatable animals) of the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) is lawful to you and yours is lawful to them”
      [al-Maa’idah 5:5]

      With this word of God, then the companions calmly eat the food from ahlul kitab and married their women. Some of them are Umar bin Al-Khattab, Ustman bin Affan, Jabir, Talhah, Huzaifah. Also among the tabi `in like Atho`, Ibn al-Musayib, al-Hasan, Thawus, Jabir Ibn Az-Zuhri. In the next generation there is Imam Ash-Shafi `i, also a member of the Medina and Kufa. What is meant by Ahlul Kitab here means food is food that is slaughtered by them. Whereas when they ate the forbidden animal like pigs, dogs, carrion and other haram animal, then the ruling is forbidden. Being concern and caution was nice to do, but does not mean we become rigid in applying them.
      Hadits Anas bin Malik radhiyallâhu ‘anhu.
      أَنَّ يَهُودِيَّةً أَتَتِ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ بِشَاةٍ مَسْمُومَةٍ، فَأَكَلَ مِنْهَا…
      “Verily a Jewish woman brings (meat) goats, which have been poisoned, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, then he is eating (meat) that ….” [Reported by al-Bukhary and Muslim].

      Our religion is simple and natural, and teaches us to deal with all people fairly and justly; halal is halal and haram is haram regardless of whether it is provided by a Muslim or a non-Muslim. The laws of Allah do not discriminate among people.
      It may be illuminating to know that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his companions used to eat food that had been prepared by their pagan relatives and friends; they only avoided those foods which are forbidden in Islam or immolated to idols.

      Note: ahlul kitab ( people from the book eg. Jews or Christians) not Hindu, Budha, etc.

      Wallahu a’lam

    3. Helen Brunne says:

      I find your response equal parts ridiculous and objectionable. You are allowed by God to honour Christians and Jews????? I would hope so after you adopted their God and plagiarized their Bible. I think far more deliberation and criticism should be given to the fact that the blessed prophet Mohamed consummated marriage with a ten year old child. Sorry, I prefer pure as the driven snow Jesus. I like my holy role models to be blemish free, innocent of sin and virtuous. Maybe I am just fussy though -_-

  26. Shanjida Chowdhury says:

    I took a course about the Fiqh of food and clothing with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, and he stated that alcohol is not najis (or impure). Yes, it is Haraam for us to consume, but it isn’t considered an impurity. the reasoning behind this is that back in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) people would drink all the time. however once the ruling for the prohibition of alcohol came, the people simply dumped all the alcohol on to the streets. this resulted in others walking all over the alcohol. however, they soon prayed afterwards, even with the alcohol on their feet. and their wudhu wasn’t broken.
    so from this scenario, it can be concluded that although alcohol is haram to consume, it isn’t najis, and therefore, there isn’t anything wrong with wearing an ethanol based fragrance

  27. Zaufishan says:

    @Xoussef – A contemporary fatwa (Islamic ruling) classified non-wine alcohol as permitted in external uses such as perfumes and soaps so long as it’s not used in vain or for intoxicating purposes. However, the main consensus is to religiously avoid it.

    It comes down to individual stress on a commandment. Some Muslims are fine with alcoholic ingredients, chewing addictive substances or cooking with wine. That’s their onus. Halal and Haram ultimately come from God, and people choose to accept or reject it.

  28. iSawab says:

    Good article. A lot of items have been stretched to get into the Halal category due to the size of the burgeoning market. Who’d have thought of Halal wine??

  29. Xoussef says:

    @Karin: As far as I know, it’s not about who made the food or where, it’s the ingredients. The rule is: No blood, no alcohol and no meat or meat derived stuff like stock or gelatine unless it was slaughtered in Halal fashion. Game and Kosher meat are ok. Milk, cheese, fish and eggs are fine too. Unusual food items might be ok for consumption or not depending of the school of jurisprudence.

    However, many would object to someone drinking alcohol at their table, be in the same room or refuse to eat in an establishment that serves alcohol at all. I find it silly though.

  30. Xoussef says:

    Hey! I’ve never even heard that some believe alcohol in perfumes etc was Haram. That’s madness!

  31. Zaufishan says:

    Wine in cooking: Since the Quran puts an outright ban on all forms of alcohol, no matter how much, using wines in cooking for things like reduction, sauces, is also ‘haram’ – forbidden for Muslims.

    Some Muslims will use alcohol in cooking though, and many drink it, even though they shouldn’t in Islam. The thing with faith is that although “this is what Islam says”, you’ll find loads of Muslims who can’t or won’t follow the law to precision. It’s always better to look the source to get what the religion says.

    1. These tips are all good to know for what people should think about when they host Muslims. Religious Jews typically will not eat food in a non-Kosher home or the home of someone who is not observing the Sabbath. How do Muslims decide if they should eat with others or at anothers home? Is there Halal certification for restaurants or rule of thumb rules?

      1. Hussaini says:

        Muslims are not so strict about this kind of thing or about the handling of cutlery like some of my Jewish friends do. However, I certainly do not speak for all or any Muslims, but generally, as long as there is no pork, its not during prayer time and there isn’t any alchohol at the table, it’s all good! There are indeed Halal certifications for restaurants all over the world especially in the US and in Canada but even in the UK and France that I know of. You won’t find it in the subcontinent because it is mostly assumed that the meat that is being served in a Muslim home will be halal. But restaurants that serve halal meat always have a certificate that authenticates the meat as being halal. When I know that I am invited for a meal at a home of a non-Muslim, they either serve vegetarian or fish or go out of there way to buy halal meat, but the handling of the meat doesn’t necessarily have to be by a Muslim. I have in fact encouraged several non-Muslim friends to try the local halal butcher because the meat is very good and fresh and they have and are very happy with it…so really we are not so rigid and conservative about every little detail.

  32. One reader asks about cooking with alcohol, like wine. If the alcohol burns off is it permitted?

    1. Hussaini says:

      I cook with wine–I think it is totally acceptable–I don’t get drunk from my delicious pasta sauce 😉

      1. Rayanah says:

        Alcohol and prayer do not mix. Prayer (salat) is a fundamental part of the Muslim lifestyle, an obligatory call to God five times a day. A ritual eco “wudhu” (woo-dhoo) is necessary before the prayer which involves a water saving ablution to spiritually connect to environment, health and creation. The presence of alcohol in the same room does not affect the prayer, according to Islamic scholars, but anyone who drinks alcohol cannot pray for a month, unless he or she repents.

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