5 Cool No-Cook Recipes For Summer Dining


Need to put a good meal together but it’s too hot to cook? Here’s an easy menu for those hot-weather meals. Knowing that hot days are still ahead, the wise cook organizes a plan for dishes that take only minutes to prepare, yet satisfy those fickle summer appetites. First, take a look in your refrigerator. […]

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Weekly Vegewarian Recipe: Purslane, Summer’s Wild Edible


Vegewarian means folks who are eating more vegetables and less meat… and this week a wild superfood, purslane, is growing somewhere near you. As noted in this month’s seasonal produce feature, purslane is popping up everywhere. Like dandelion greens in the US, this edible weed has recently become fashionable, appearing at upmarket greengrocers and anyplace […]

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RECIPE: Crunchy Chickpeas for Healthy Snacking


Quick to make and satisfying – roasted chickpeas answer the need for a healthy snack. When we casually dump a can-full of chickpeas into a pan, we’re thinking of dinner, not how the ancient world ate the little yellow grains. But chickpeas  found in Middle-Eastern archeological excavations have been proved to be eaten by folks […]

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