Arab Israeli Yafa Energy Plans to Solar Power Traditional Industry


Yafa Energy could be a bridge over which Arab-Israeli technology finds its way to industries in the Arab world seeking renewable energy solutions. Eureka! Yafa Energy has become the first Arab-Israeli company to win a prestigious European Union EUREKA (Exceptional, Unconventional Research Enabling Knowledge Acceleration) grant. Awarded through Israel’s Prime Minister’s office, Yafa was named […]

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International Finance Corp Looking To Invest Millions In Israeli Cleantech


Israeli cleantech has long been present in the American market. Companies like Ormat have been developing geothermal resources in the US for decades. Now Israeli companies may be getting support to expand to developing countries as well. A senior official from the International Finance Corp (IFC)–a member of the World Bank, with a portfolio of $12 […]

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Ormat Rising Stocks A Boon For Israel Geothermal

For years, the goldmine for Israeli cleantech companies has been the American economy. And as Israel deploys innovative technologies across the Atlantic, it is increasingly breaking ground and gaining profits ahead of American companies. Just last week, shares of the Reno, Nevada-based unit of Israeli geothermal company, Ormat Technologies (NYSE: ORA), rose more than 2.7 […]

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Israel’s Geothermal Giant Ormat Signs Deal For Solar In California

Israel’s Geothermal Giant Ormat Signs Deal For Solar In California It already has an international presence, but Israel’s Ormat Industries (NYSE: ORA) just made its global presence a little brighter: On December 21, Ormat’s US subsidiary Ormat Technologies announced that it will be developing its very first 10 megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) farm near one […]

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Look Out Germany! Saudi Arabia to Overtake You as Solar World Leader


Installation of a planned 20 GW of solar over the next 20 years will catapult Saudi Arabia to world leadership in solar Saudi Arabia has set a staggering national goal to have 20 GW (20,000MW) of solar generation installed over the next twenty years, according to Saudi officials speaking to CSP Today. Although there have […]

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Ormat’s Salt Wells Among Renewable Projects Prioritized on BLM Lands


John Edwards at Energy Prospects is reporting that five geothermal projects totaling 489 MW projects have been selected by the Bureau of Land Management to be prioritized in the Western US this year. Among the five is the 40 MW Salt Wells project being developed by Nevada’s Ormat Technologies, the subsidiary of Ormat Industries, founded […]

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Israel Cleantech Intelligence: Ormat and 7 More Headlines


Ormat’s Waste Heat Recovery solution, hunger in Africa, fighting desertification and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment. As part of Israel’s plan to reduce energy use by 20%, new televisions and computer monitors that aren’t energy efficient may be outlawed. General Atlantic is in talks to acquire a stake in irrigation systems […]

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Successful Ormat Waste Heat Recovery Test Could Green Dying Oil Fields


Israeli geothermal energy company Ormat is soaking up excess energy from an oil field in Wyoming. One of the most interesting of the US Recovery Act geothermal funding recipients – it received $4.5 Million – is Ormat Industries, the Israel-based vertically integrated geothermal energy and waste heat recovery specialist. Working with the US Department of […]

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Global Investment Plummet Hits Israeli Cleantech Companies… Except BrightSource and Ormat


A slow recovery in the global cleantech sector has left many Israeli companies without VC funding and media coverage, while BrightSource Energy and Ormat Technologies continue to thrive. The decrease in VC investments in cleantech companies over the past year and in particular Q3 is raising questions about the cleantech industry’s recovery. According to NASDAQ, […]

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Ormat Set to Release Alaska's Geothermal Energy Potential


With dwindling natural gas reserves, will South Alaska be powered with geothermal energy? Ormat may be the first to open Alaskan territories, still virgin to this clean technology. Yavne, in Israel’s Central District, was briefly home to ancient Israel’s Sanhedrin (its highest rabbinical assembly). The town of 32,000 can also claim to be the original […]

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Can Israel's Prime Minister's Alternative Energy Agenda Help the Middle East?


BrightSource solar energy company could be part of the alternative energy solution. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be interested in leading his country away from its current dependence on imported oil and into various forms of alternative energy. But he wants his vision to go far beyond the borders of the tiny State […]

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Ormat and Sunday Solar Partner Up In Sunny $195 Million Deal


More news under the sun: Ormat, the geothermal energy company (NYSE:ORA) founded in Israel has entered into a $195 million deal with Sunday Solar, reports the Cleantech forum. Ormat’s Israeli subsidiary plans on working with Sunday Solar to install $195 million worth of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in Israel. It’s Ormat’s first commercial project in […]

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The Israeli Clean Energy Forum Launched Yesterday


How will government decisions convert vision to reality? Through the Israeli Clean Energy Forum, launched yesterday by Israeli politicians, industrialists, investors and lawyers. According to the Jerusalem Post, the new forum brings together many of the big guns in the environmental business world in Israel, such as the former director-general of the National Infrastructures Ministry […]

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New Energy For America Might Be In Israel: Top US Energy Leaders In Israel Now


The Obama administration has committed to supporting renewable energy sources and to mitigate domestic and international climate initiatives. At the dawn of Obama’s new presidency, influential energy leaders from America visit Israel to expand their worldviews to learn about the country’s unique technological opportunities. Among the American guests in Israel now are top energy officials […]

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