Popular Wind-Powered Bamboo Landmine Detonator Needs Support


Land mines kill 42 people every month. They’re all over Egypt, where Bedouins frequently lose limbs while daring desert treks, and in 81 other countries around the globe. Pernicious and anonymous, these weapons of mass devastation are almost impossible to destroy without compromising human lives. Which means that any solution that attempts to do so […]

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Massoud Hassani Turns Childhood Toy into Wind-Powered Mine Sweepers


Afghani designer Massoud Hassani transformed a childhood toy into a giant bamboo minesweeper powered by the wind.  There are more land mines in Afghanistan than there are people, so Massoud Hassani turned a childhood toy into an extraordinary wind-powered bamboo mine sweeper that destroys and tracks them. Made out of bamboo and biodegradable plastic, the […]

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Build Next Year’s Sukkah With Hybrid Bamboo (aka Solar Schach)


Is taking down this year’s sukkah already getting you thinking about next year’s? Have the end of the Jewish holidays, return to work, and impending cold weather got you down?  Fantasizing about next year’s warm evenings spent inside an outdoor sukkah (or temporary booth) might help fight that feeling.  This year’s much-publicized Sukkah City design […]

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