Iran’s capital city being swallowed by sinkholes


Thanks to drought and over-pumping underground water reserves in the western region of Tehran, Iran’s capital city, fissures also known as sinkholes are opening up, causing Iran’s major city and capital city to sink. The sinkholes threaten people’s homes and the local infrastructure. While some Middle Eastern countries like Israel are seeing record rain, Tehran […]

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To the Dead Sea from the Red Sea Looks To Be Dead


Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation and Agriculture, Hazim Al Naser, disclosed that the controversial Red-Dead Water Conveyor project may now be shelved in favor of a series of smaller schemes to provide the kingdom with drinking water. His statements mark the first time that a ranking official questioned the project’s viability. Al Naser spoke […]

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Spencer Tunick and Israel’s Tent Protest Leader Team up For Dead Sea


Renowned nude photographer Spencer Tunick and Daphne Leef, the leader of last year’s tent protests in Tel Aviv, are teaming up to promote creative social activism in Israel. In support of Save our Sea, a grassroots organization that strives to raise awareness of the Dead Sea’s declining ecological health, the pair have organized an overnight […]

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