Are Pork-fed “Porkfish” Kosher and Halal?


The European Commission (EC) approved a pork-based feedstock for farm-raised fish.  Next year, your mullet and trout might contain chicken and pork. Horsemeat in burgers, meatballs and frozen lasagna is startling, but while these products include a “secret ingredient”, they remain as advertised: meat-based foods.  But what happens when the fish on your dish also […]

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Can GM Foods Be ‘Halal’? Or Kosher?


Investigating the profit-motivated push to make genetically modified food ‘halal’ Back in December 2010, a conference held in Penang, Malaysia with biotechnology experts and halal proponents ended with the conclusion that genetically modified food was halal ( ‘permissible’ for Muslims) as long as the sources from which they originate from are halal. This decision – […]

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Jews And Muslims Unite Against EU Slaughter Labeling


Animal activists urge meat derived from Halal and Kosher slaughter methods, such as this chicken at the Madani Halal Slaughterhouse, to carry labeling that points out the absence of stunning beforehand. A battle over the humanity of religious slaughter has boiled over in Europe, uniting Jews and Muslims  fighting for recognition of their respective rituals. […]

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