Pomegranates and oranges take this cake! A recipe

Coming up on my fourth year of taste-testing my way through Jordan – where the seasonal foods of the Levant pack a triple punch of being delicious, healthy and affordable – I amp up the smart-eating quotient by always avoiding desserts, filling up on marvelous mezzes and entrees because regional sweets leave me flat.


Indulge in Baked Figs, Yogurt, and Honey

The first thing I did after arriving home yesterday evening was, naturally, to open the door of my fridge and peer inside.  I got nothing, I thought to myself.  But then I spotted a tub of Fage Greek yogurt in the corner of the bottom shelf.  I was able to locate a bottle of honey […]


Lebanon’s Bees are Freezing to Death

Huge bee die offs do not bode well for agriculture in Lebanon A staggering proportion of bees in an important agricultural hub have frozen to death in Lebanon. A recent influx of extreme weather that produced ice and frost combined with a series of diseases has wiped out up to 75% of the bees in […]


I visit beehives and get swarmed

A solution to colony collapse disorder? Miriam meets the Black Bear apiary in Israel where they are breeding bees back to their ancestral size. Stephen and Alison Epstein, from Canada and the US, walked up and down, inspecting the tiny apiary. They slid frames laden with honey, wax, pollen, and bees – plenty of bees […]


The Healing Powers of Honey

Good for a sore throat, your hair and lowering cholesterol, the ancient honeycomb shows it can also improve your complexion. “Eat the crusts, it will make your hair curly!”, “Add some honey to your tea instead of sugar, it will help your throat!” Well after years of eating bread crusts, my hair is somewhere between […]