Jordan’s US Embassy Sees Power in SOCCKET Balls

A couple of Harvard students have enlisted the world’s most popular sport as a generator of portable power.  SOCCKET ball, the brainchild of Jessica Matthews and Julia Silverman, is a toy that can produce renewable energy anywhere.  The inventors stopped in at the US Embassy in Jordan to conduct educational programs for children and workshops […]


Saturday’s Green News Snippets from the Middle East

From food shortages in Syria to green energy in Jordan, this news round-up will help keep you in the know It’s been busy here at GreenProphet HQ and the stories that have got us talking this week include the wind-powered minesweeper, shocking seal killing revelations as well the upcoming first anniversary of the Fukushima disaster.  These major […]


Iran’s Energy Minister Looks to Green Energy After Sanctions

Sanctions have backed fossil-rich Iran into a corner, which could bode well for the country’s renewable sector.  The western-led sanctions against Iran have crippled the country’s ability to provide for its 74 million strong population, Reuters reports. Food prices have skyrocketed and many ships holding supplies are waiting for payment before allowing Iran to collect […]


Leonardo DiCaprio To Join Zayed Prize Jury

As the Middle East is short on its own green celebrities, the Zayed Prize has decided to nab some from Hollywood (and tennis) instead The Zayed Prize is the most prestigious green energy award in the Middle East so it’s easy to see why they have the pick of the bunch when it comes to […]


Solar Energy’s Not So Sunny Side

Nobody thought to ask him if he approves of a mega solar project on his home turf Solar energy, whether from photovoltaic panels, solar thermal systems, or concentration of sunlight to heat water and create steam to operate an electricity producing turbine, is being promoted by many as the most promising energy source of the […]


How Israel Will Lead The Search For Oil Substitutes (And How The Rest Of The World Is Watching)

Desalination is considered one of Israel’s many genius innovations. That genius is now being applied to oil substitutes. Long considered leaders of R&D and Clean Technology, particularly in the fields of water desalination and solar energy technology, Israel has now set firm sights on leading the shift away from oil dependence. Between now and 2020, […]