Bottom Trawlers In Oman Get The Boot


Greenpeace activists take on bottom trawlers. But in Oman, they no longer have to. Bottom trawlers were forced to set sail after Oman effected its ban on this destructive “fishing” practice. A small Gulf country that borders the United Arab Emirates, Oman is renowned for its incredible coral reefs and marine diversity. But 16 large […]

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Imam Worries Chinese Port Will Ruin UNESCO-Protected Swahili Culture


Young Swahili “beach boys” ride in a traditional dhow in Lamu, which is threatened by a multi-billion dollar port project. Lamu’s enclave of UNESCO-protected Swahili culture – an enduring tradition born from a fusion of coastal Bantu and Arab traders that settled here centuries ago – is threatened by a multi-billion dollar port project. For […]

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Egyptian Govt Cracks Down On Illegal Red Sea Development


Does new crackdown demonstrate a gradual shift in Egyptian environmental policy? The Red Sea Governorate is cracking down on illegal, unsustainable development in Hurghada, Egypt, where 200,000 citizens are custodians of one of the earth’s most unique marine ecosystems. Though challenges to its coral reef system and overall health are numerous – including tourism and […]

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Abu Dhabi’s "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (And Why The Corals Won't Come Back)


Scientists seek to solve the mystery of disappearing coral in Abu Dhabi. Bring in Inspector Clouseau! It doesn’t take a whole lot of common sense to figure this one out: you build monolithic structures and artificial islands on a fragile seashore along the Persian Gulf, have oil tankers pulling petrochemicals from the land which leaks […]

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Help From Above As Saudi Environment Satellite-Monitored


e-GEO satellite monitoring of Dubai’s Palm Island. Can technology protect the endangered Persian Gulf? Saudi Arabia’s fragile desert and coastal environments will now get “help from above,” thanks to an initiative by a group of Saudi Arabian and European partners (GAF AG and e-GEOS) who have completed a project to implement and provide satellite-based environmental information […]

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