WISH20: One Big Wish Which Could Change The World

Imagine it’s 2020, what do you see? Poverty or abundance, environmental destruction or nature flourishing? War or Peace? Polly Higgins, voted one of the World’s Top 10 Visionary Thinkers by the Ecologist and named the Overall Champion of the 2012 People and Environment Awards, has a very bright outlook for the future.  For Polly, 2020 is a future […]


Jordan Mandates Domestic Solar Water Heating

Jordan passes new building codes requiring solar water heaters on all new commercial and residential buildings. It’s about time: Regulations come into effect in April 2013 and make solar water heaters obligatory for every new residence (including apartments) sized 150 m2 or greater in Jordan where there is ample sun. Private houses sized a minimum […]


America can’t green Jordan’s future

America joins Jordan in a celebration of green, but we are not sold on the deal.  The USA and Jordan recently entered into environmental partnership, cosigning a plan to promote four distinct Jordanian initiatives: ecosystem conservation; increased education; improved private sector performance; and stronger environmental law. This agreement wrapped up a one-day forum on Environmental Technical Cooperation […]


Will Turkey’s New Constitution Include Ecological Protections?

Turkish environmental journalist Mahmut Boynudelik has proposed a set of fundamental ecological principles to be enshrined in the country’s new constitution. Last Wednesday, Turkey’s Constitution Reconciliation Commission was presented with a new series of articles for inclusion in the country’s new constitution. Led by the Turkish Green Party, the articles were submitted by the Initiative […]


Are “Sick Chicks” Poisoning Israel’s Ground Water?

Something afoul? 1.5 million sick chickens illegally buried Following last year’s mass poultry culling in the Tulkarem area of the West Bank, due to fears of  Avian Flu virus, it has been recently discovered that more than 1.5 chicken carcasses that were buried in northern Israel following a poultry epidemic are now feared to be […]


“Dam” Victory for Turkey’s Environmentalists!

This beautiful valley might have been flooded by another Turkish dam Turkey’s ongoing water resources and energy problems have already resulted in the damming of a number of rivers in that country to create reservoirs for both water storage and creation of hydro electricity.  A planned government project to construct a dam across the Macahel […]

Israeli Green Police to Receive More Arrest Powers

Are you an environmental criminal?  Don’t mess with the Green Police. Until a few years ago, environmental law enforcement was a big problem in Israel (as it is in many countries – Interpol is even getting tough on green crimes).  There were some really great environmental laws in place, but the Israeli Ministry of Environmental […]


Morocco Developing an Environmental Charter

Morocco, still very undeveloped compared to the west, looks to make an environmental plan of action. Morocco is currently consulting with political and environmental groups and activists over the preliminary draft of the country’s environmental charter, which targets preserving the environment and fostering sustainable development. While the first draft was taking shape, the government in […]


Jordanian Ministry of Environment to Amend the Country's Environmental Laws within Five Months

After reviewing Jordan’s current environmental laws and discovering that there were many loopholes that enabled violators to avoid punishment, the Jordanian Ministry of Environment has decided to amend their laws.  And they’ve decided to do it fast, within the next five months. Jordan currently has 21 legislations protecting the environment, but since they often contradict […]


Dog poop DNA takes doodie off the strees

City councils world-wide are watching as municipal workers in the Israeli city of Petach Tikva are DNA-testing dog droppings in order to identify and fine irresponsible pet owners. Update in 2021: the pilot project has come to life in Tel Aviv. Under a six-month trial program residents are being asked to voluntarily bring their dogs […]


Green Tsunami Washes Over Knesset

    Maybe it was the teetering government or the water crisis, or maybe it was just the sticky and oppressive summer heat. Whatever the cause, the summer session of the Knesset closed last week with an unprecedented burst of environmental legislation. Leading the charge was a trio of maverick lawmakers – Dov Hanin, Michael […]