The Rise in Popularity of E-Cigarettes Over Last Decade

electronic cigarette
They are seen as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes and a means to help people quit for good.

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Significance of e-cigarettes

The modern form of cigarettes called the vapor cigarettes, vapes, Mighty Vaporizers, or e-cigarettes have gained quite some huge popularity over the past decade. The popularity of these cigarettes keeps on increasing because the awareness among people is rising about the use and benefit of electronic smoking over the traditional method of smoking which can be dangerous. The E-Cig brands provide us with reliable quality electronic cigarettes with diverse options. Moreover, they are a lot more beneficial for the environment too because they can play a role in cutting down pollution.

Talking about convenience to smokers, there are plenty of more flavour options while the price of an e-cigarette is a lot more reasonable. If you use a vaporiser then the vapors formed will be more fun, more complex and more interesting as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. These vapor cigarettes have become the future and are surely the way of smoking for modern people.

Structure of an E-cigarette

There are a lot of reasons why the electronic cigarettes are the choice of modern people. The electronic cigarette has ample amount of benefits over the traditional cigarette. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and also offer you the choice to choose the nicotine strength level as desired. With so much convenience and the modern feel, the electronic cigarettes certainly are worth it to give a shot. If we take a look at different parts of an e-cigarette, then we can see there are below-mentioned parts of an electronic cigarette.

  • Mouthpiece for inhaling vapors
  • The battery that powers customizer due to which the heating element gets enough power for converting e-liquid to vapor
  • There is a cartomizer which turns e-liquid to vapor when the liquid comes in contact with the heating element.
  • A special cartridge for holding flavoured e-juice or e-liquid.

Vaporizers for newbies (1st generation e-cigarette)

For the beginners, there is a special vaporiser that is termed as the 1st generation e-cigarette or the mini vaporiser. For newbies, the preferred method of vaping is via this mini vaporiser. Moreover, the people who want to shift towards e-cigarettes from the traditional cigarettes can use the mini vaporisers first to get used to electronic smoking. There is a disposable cartomizer in the 1st generation e-cigarettes which contains the e-juice. The functionality of this mini vaporiser is very much alike to the e-cigarette since the e-juice is heated and the vapors are formed. The cartridge is refillable, and there is a small rechargeable battery too that comes with the mini vaporiser.

2nd generation e-cigarette

The 2nd generation e-cigarettes are a higher model of 1st generation e-cigarettes. They are larger, like a normal cigar and have a more powerful battery. Additionally, the cartridge container of the e-juice is bigger which is either disposable or recyclable, depending upon the priority of the user. Though the 2nd generation e-cig might be more expensive than the 1st generation, it is a preferable choice for the experienced users as well as the newbies. It is like a middle option between the mini vaporiser and a proper vaporiser.

The Advanced Personal Vaporizer (3rd generation e-cigarette)

Now, this is the most advanced and modern form of the vaporiser which is used only by the experienced electronic smokers. The APV, i.e. advanced personal vaporiser comes with many customisation options and modern designs. Depending on the battery shape and size, the APV might be coming in a tube-mod or a box-mod. The APV promises the users a high-quality smoking experience.

Other forms of electronic smoking devices

Some other forms of electronic smoking devices present also look similar to the traditional cigarettes such as the e-pipes, e- shisha pens, e- cigars, herbal vaporisers, and the vape pens. There is a continuous improvement in the models and types of electronic smoking devices. Depending upon the priority of a user, he can select an electronic smoking device that best suits his requirements.

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