Cattle slaughter as “entertainment” in Gaza (Warning: graphic content)


It goes without saying that life in Gaza is bleak. But for domesticated animals for slaughter, it is living hell. Watch the shocking footage of numerous cow slaughtering attempts and the ways that civilians in Gaza gather around the animals, chained and held captive (below).

Cows getting their eyes gouged out, trampled, kicked and mocked is part of the ceremony.

Biblical laws governing all the people in the Middle East: Jewish, Christian and Muslim prohibit animal abuse in every form. This means causing unnecessary harm or suffering during slaughter. Jewish and Muslim slaughtering rights are proscribed to minimize suffering.


These cattle seen in the footage are clearly being abused. It is known and documented that animals voyaging by sea (from Australia) to countries in the Middle East face an unforeseeable hell. Sometimes their ships sink, and if they make it, the animals await torture.

Where are the animal rights activists when you need them? In 2012 one cow got even in Gaza by killing its slaughterer.

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