Rescued Candlesticks Unite to Form Upcycled Menorah

"recycled candlestick menorah"Candlesticks that have lost their partners find a home in this upcycled menorah.

Most flea markets and second-hand stores have them – candlesticks either with or without their partners.  Solitary candlesticks often tend to be left behind, since they usually come in pairs.  But thanks to this menorah design from Reddish Studio (the same people who make the wonderful Bath & Beyond bath tub chair), all those single candlesticks are put to functional use and united together with new partners.  (And kept out of landfills too, of course.)

"reused candlestick menorah"A symbol of unity since Biblical times, the Jewish menorah (or candelabrum) is a globally recognized iconic image.  Unity is not just a symbol in this design, but a practice.  Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman, the designers, have united old and odd candlesticks from around the world in order to create this menorah.

And aesthetically, this menorah is much more interesting than a standard, uniform design.  Seven different visual takes on the candlestick are presented in one candelabra, forming a kind of vintage mosaic.  The white steel frame holding the candlesticks together blends into the background, emphasizing and letting the different pieces stand out.

In the designers’ words, “these reused candlesticks, which once played an important part in different family ceremonies, are now reused and united to form a candelabrum.  The different parts of the Menorah are now sharing their life stories.”

: Reddish Studio

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  1. These are beautiful. I wonder if they are using biodegradable bioresin though to hold them all together. The folks who make the hair sunglasses do.

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