The Jewish National Fund Meets An Inconvenient Truth

[youtube][/youtube]Everyone and their mother is doing it. Talking about global warming, that is. Stumbling around the net, we bumped into this YouTube video sponsored by the Jewish National Fund, which links nicely to our last post on tree planting in Israel.If you’re hip to what’s happening in the environment and the world, the video on its new GoNeutral project will seem a bit arcane, but stick with it – it gets into practical tips of reducing your carbon footprint that are good to share. It’s the Jewish National Fund, so they are pushing the tree planting angle of course.According to the JNF, it has transformed thousands of acres of barren land into green forests in Israel. They state that each person emits about 23 tons of carbon per year, estimating that each tree planted can absorb one ton of carbon in its lifetime. That’s a whole lot of trees you’d need to be planting. Could so many fit in Israel?

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