Israeli Designer Fashions Couture Gown out of Envirosax Reusable Bags

"reusable envirosax bag dress"Colorful, feminine, and elegant, Amit Ayalon’s couture dress upcycles reusable Envirosax bags.

Fun, flirty, and stylish, if you looked at the gown above from a distance you may not even know that it was crafted from repurposed reusable Envirosax bags.  Normally, upcycled dresses are made out of existing clothing, as in the case of Lebanese designer Ziad Ghanem, or the “New Dress a Day” blogger.  In some crazy instances, as in the case of EcoGir suits, we see trendy men’s wear made from recycled plastic PET bottles.

Envirosax, wishing to highlight the beauty and eco-friendliness of its designs, recently selected Israeli designer Amit Ayalon to create the above couture piece (composed of a jacket, Victorian corset, back scroll piece, bustle and skirt) out of colorful reusable Envirosax bags.

"reusable bag dress fashion"The CEO and Founder of Envirosax, Belinda David-Tooze, said that “I’ve always wanted to make a couture dress out of Envirosax bags because it’s a way to showcase the beauty of our designs in a creative and innovative way.”

Ayalon, a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Creative Design, unveiled the dress, its message, and her fantastic design ability at the Sundance Film Festival Alive! Expo Green Pavilion last month.

"upcycled bag eco-friendly fashion"“The warm brown, gold and red colors dominating the prints remind me of the Moulin Rouge fashion,” Ayalon said.  “Other sources of inspiration came from movies such as Alice and Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes.”

In the future, Ayalon hopes to design costumes for the movie industry – hopefully bringing her penchant for green materials with her to Hollywood.

:: Envirosax

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