You Call This Garbage? Hasadna Upcycled Design Workshop Doesn't.

spoon chandelierUsed ice-cream taster spoons turn into delightful eco-inspired lamp.

It happened to me just the other night, when I was standing at the counter of the ice cream shop, trying to decide between espresso cardamum and dark chocolate (or both).  I felt guilty about my deliberation, and the consequent waste of those small plastic spoons that are used to dish out the samples.  How many of those spoons are wasted annually by indecisive ice creams eaters like myself?

But at Iceberg Ice Cream in Tel Aviv, where I was making my decision (and eventually opted for both flavors), none of the plastic spoons go to waste.  They are all carefully collected, washed, and handed over to Hasadna… where they are subsequently transformed into fun, beautiful chandeliers.

But that’s not all they make at Hasadna.

Tal Dayan and Naomi Levin, the founders of Hasadna (which means “workshop” in Hebrew) have a full line of surprising, whimsical upcycled products.  These product line, which they refer to as “You Call This Garbage?”, is in accordance with the designers’ overall philosophy:

Life is short and it is happening now.  We deserve to wake up in the morning and get excited about a new day, do what we love, rest when we’re tired, be thankful for what we have… and smile.

Other great upcycled products from Hasadna include the fruit bowl, above, which is made out of an old phone book.  The yellow pages complement the green apples nicely.

The wine cork noticeboard, to the right, is another one of the workshop’s products.  No two noticeboards are alike because different wine corks are used, and the frames are all different since they’re selected from flea markets.

Can’t get enough of Hasadna?  Their t-shirt designs featuring positive messages will be participating in the annual T Market in Tel Aviv today, tomorrow and on Monday.

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