Tel Aviv's Junktion Studio Keeps Inspiring Us to Rethink Our Junk

Junktion's Telephone Desk Lamp (comes in blue and pink)

Junktion's Telephone Desk Lamp (comes in blue and pink)

The last time we covered Junktion Studio – a Tel Aviv based design studio that creates whimsical designs out of reused and repurposed “junk” – they were making medicine cabinets out of old suitcases and foosbal soccer player hangers.  Their designs took the material of the original items completely out of context in a manner that was both comical and surprisingly functional.

Their designs also kept the original items out of the landfill, proving to us that we should always think twice before throwing things away.  Because who knows?  That chipped mug may have a second or third life still in it, and those outdated t-shirts could still surprise you.

Seats made out of wooden window shades

Seats made out of wooden window shades

So just when we thought that the folks at Junktion couldn’t get any more creative or hilarious, their latest set of designs proved us wrong.  Check out the telephone desk lamp above, or the seats made out of old wooden window shades to the right.

Shower head hangers

Shower head hangers

As Junktion has described itself, “Junktion people take everyday objects out of context, sometimes attaching them to others, unrelated, and at other times just turn them upside down on the table, take a step back and say: hmmmm….  Junktion people love seeing objects in new ways, stuff that makes us think, stuff that makes us act, stuff that makes us laugh.”

All of Junktion’s products are handmade and one-of-a-kind, bringing a warm human touch to discarded, industrially mass-produced items.

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  1. sweet says:

    Making recycles out from these junks stuffs is really a good idea. Looking at those pictures made me amazed that there are such things that are still useful even if it is already a junk!

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  4. Karin Kloosterman says:

    Someone had rented some Junktion furniture for a wedding I was at a while ago. Practically nothing was thrown away except for the plastic flowers bought for the Chupa. A green wedding furniture kind of company.

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