Squeaky Clean Bath Tub Chair Design

"bath chair design"Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub (chair).

Designers often talk about “clean” design, with crisp lines and an absence of frou-frou decoration.  But apparently there’s another kind of clean design – the kind that’s clean because it’s upcycled from objects formerly used to keep people clean, like a bath tub.  The Bath & Beyond chair, made by the Israeli designers at Reddish Design Studio, joins a list of other fun eco-friendly chairs such as the modular Loop Chair, the Daily Chair made from the remains of the daily newspaper, and the Rocky Chair made from vintage movie theater seats and rocking chair bases.  Upcycled, aesthetic, and allegedly very comfortable, the Bath & Beyond Chair is a welcome addition to our list of sustainably designed chairs.

"upcycled bathtub chair"Reddish Studio was founded in 2002 by a pair of industrial designers, Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman, both graduates of the Holon Academic Institute of Technology.  The studio designs a range of products, from household objects to jewelry and furniture, and exhibition design as well.

In describing the mission of the studio, the designers write that “Reddish studio focuses on keeping its designs clear and intriguing, and spends most of the time helping objects feel better about themselves.”

The bathtub used to create the Bath & Beyond Chair should certainly feel better about itself, for both aesthetic and ecological reasons.

: Reddish Studio

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