Beirut’s “A New Earth” Provides Lebanese Urbanites a Place to Shop for Eco-Products

Eco-friendly products AND vegan shwarma can be found at Beirut’s A New Earth.

Sometimes, despite all our good intentions towards living a greener, healthier lifestyle, it’s just not convenient.  Sadly, most mainstream supermarkets don’t carry a variety of organic produce (if they carry it at all), and natural products may be few and far between.  The search for them alone can cause you to give up.  But when a store conveniently gathers all the eco-friendly foods and products for you in one location?  Well, that’s good news.

And that’s what A New Earth did for Beirut residents a year ago when it opened as one of the city’s first organic grocery stores.  (In fact, the photo above is from the shop’s 1-year anniversary in July, where organic vodka was sipped by many.)

But A New Earth tries to be more than just a boutique organic grocery store and really offer all the things that you could normally find in a supermarket.  The store offers a wide range of baby care, household, and organic cosmetic products and is open to enhancing its selection based on the needs of its customers.

In describing why there is a need for a shop such as A New Earth, store co-founders Layane Makarem and Sabine Kassouf simply say “because we believe that we have to move toward a cleaner, healthier, sustainable way of living, to rediscover our home, our planet, and to always remember that Earth is our host.”

A New Earth is located at 65 Zahret El Ihsan Street, Beirut and open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 7pm.  For more information about the store please visit A New Earth’s Facebook page.

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