Dubai Launches Arabic Carbon Calculator

A carbon calculator in Arabic will help Dubai residents track everything from food, travel to energy consumption The carbon emissions of Gulf nations in the Middle East are notoriously high. The UAE has one of the largest carbon footprints per capita in the world and the average citizen in the Gulf produces between two to […]


Interview with Andrew Sell, Founder of Hipcycle

Hipcycle, a new online marketplace for upcycled products, shows mainstreamers that upcycling can be hip. Shopping local and sustainable is always best, but when you can’t find locally made, sustainably made, or upcycled products around – sometimes the internet is the best way to go.  Online marketplaces such as Etsy, Mideast ecostore Ekotribe, or the […]


Online And In Dubai Ekotribe Caters To The Green-Minded

Where there’s a green will, there’s an eco-way, and Anu Agarwal will be leading the fray. Nearly 40% of Ekotribe’s customers hail from the neighboring Emirate, Abu Dhabi, but the store’s recent expansion into the ground floor of Dubai’s Mercato mall reveals a slight shift in the glitzy city’s green leanings. There are only scattered […]


ReMakes Figures Out What to Do with Billboard Waste

We’ve seen billboards turned into handbags, now they’re being upcycled into placemats.  Chew on that. The ubiquitous billboards that we routinely see during our everyday lives are made out of PVC, some pretty nasty stuff.  Due to the nature of billboards being hung outdoors and subjected to weather, they are made of out a fairly […]

Rachel Botsman Makes the Case for Collaborative Consumption

[youtube][/youtube] Moving from a culture of “me” to a culture of “we”. Rachel Botsman, a researcher and social innovator, is hooked on the idea of what she calls “collaborative consumption” – a phenomenon that is gaining force in the 21st century.  She recently gave a TED talk about the concept (see clip above) and said […]


Green Clean Your Carpet (Flying or Otherwise)

Before taking your carpet in for a super toxic clean, consider whether you want to live with all those chemicals. Carpets add a lot to any room – color, warmth, a way to decrease echo… and if you usually have your carpets cleaned traditionally, they add a lot of toxic chemical residues as well.  Most […]