Your sunscreen is killing baby coral reefs

We’ve read reports that sunscreen can cause cancer (and that sunscreen doesn’t really work to prevent skin cancer), but yet –  doctors say you need sunscreen in the sun. While the daily use of sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher is widely acknowledged as essential to skin cancer prevention, it is hurting the […]


Make your own toxin-free herbal moisturizer

DIY, make your own chemical-free hand and body lotion. At the end of our post on 5 natural ways to keep your skin beautiful, we note how important it is to moisturize. Now, take a good squint at the ingredients on your moisturizer’s label. There’s petroleum in one form or another. Alcohol. One or more […]


Love Lipstick, Love Formaldehyde?

Laurie spring cleans with her daughter and is shocked at the toxic chemicals she finds in her cupboards. Teens are especially at risk.  When your ancestral roots include a tangle of Irish housewives, you instinctively interpret “Vernal Equinox” as “spring cleaning”. I live in a furnished apartment. I’ve shed most of my superfluous stuff after a […]


Miswak is Nature’s Twiggy Toothbrush

Ever brush your teeth with a stick from a tree? This brother shows how it’s done Twigs for oral hygiene may seem like a curious idea, better suited for the holistic type than today’s modern lifestyle. However, before the advent of the ubiquitous plastic toothbrush, miswak, a natural alternative made from the Salvadora persica tree […]


Grapes In Moisturiser Are Sweet For Skin, Not Sour

Esdor’s beauty products contain healthy, antioxidant-rich extracts from grape skins, of which Israel has aplenty, and none of the bad stuff. Israel is well-known for its wines that were popular among Romans. The industry really took off in 1989 when Baron Edmond James Rothschild started the Bordeau estate Château Lafite-Rothschild. Ironic, then, that the Elah […]

Killing Marine Life With Your Sunscreen

Normal coral (left) exposed to ultraviolet filters found in sunscreen “bleaches” white (right) when the algae living inside it die. Go to the beach. Swim. Kill some ecosystems and go home. All in a full day trip to any of the world’s sandy getaways. Until recently, this was a trip to get away from the […]


Lycored’s Tomato-Based Ingestible Sunscreen

Summer is in full force and so is our desire to head to cool down by the lake, pool or sea. We’ve heard about the dangers of chemicals in sunscreens, and for many reasons want to avoid them or limit their use. We know sunscreens can cause causing bleaching in corals — another reason to […]


Tips to consider before buying beauty products

Ever look in the mirror and wonder what exactly was in those products you are slathering on your skin? Image via antkriz Part of most women’s morning regime involves walking into the bathroom, looking into the vanity mirror and trying to figure out how to minimise her so-called defects and play up her best features. […]


4 Unique Aloe Vera Juice Recipes for Summer and Health

This common potted plant can now become part of your daily diet. Naomi offers 4 recipes for taking advantage of this healthful plant, which offers more than just sunburn relief. Image via odetothebigsea Growing up, my mother was always interested in natural remedies to mild health issues, whether it was burns, cuts or the flu. […]

Henna – A Natural New Hair Hue for Summer

Who would have thought that nature could provide such vivid hues? Here you see the strength of “redbeard” henna. Since the dawn of time, people have been finding ways to improve, change and diversify their appearance for cultural and personal reasons. These methods of beautifying yourself are just as diverse as they are natural and […]