6 Eco Resolutions for 2013


It’s nearly 2013 and I am grateful. After three years of traveling with a backpack through 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East, I am finally back home with my family in the United States.  The time I spent abroad stretched my mind and broadened my heart, transformed long held stereotypes into a long […]

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Iranians Turn to Aubergine, Chicken for the Poor


During a recent trip to Iran, EuroNews correspondent Ali Sheikholeslami found that many Iranians are becoming unwitting vegetarians as they can no longer afford to buy meat. Following international sanctions against the country’s nuclear ambitions, inflation has soared, the Rial has crashed to about half its former value against western currencies, and locals are feeling the pinch. […]

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Eco-Friendly Bakery Gives Historic Presidential Voters in Egypt Free Pastries


Today Egyptians stood in line for hours to vote in the first real, competitive presidential election in the country’s history. And our favorite bakery, the only one in Egypt to recycle their own packaging into attractive notebooks, bookmarks and other stationary, is encouraging voters to play a role in the future of their homeland. As […]

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Kuwaiti Musician Zahed Sultan Launches Eco-Electronica Track “Reuse Me”


Zahed Sultan is an internationally-celebrated musician from Kuwait who also happens to promote sustainability! Zahed Sultan is one of the most visible musicians in the Arab world. Not only does he enjoy a massive following on regional social networks, but he is also internationally recognized. One of his tracks was included in the Hotel Costes […]

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Ramadan: The Time To Go Green Is Now


As the holy Islamic month of fasting approaches, why not prepare for a greener Ramadan now? There are literally a couple of days left till Ramadan starts, so I want to make a last ditch attempt to encourage Muslims to go green in the holy month of fasting. Whilst Tafline explored the darker side of […]

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