3 Good and 3 Bad Sunscreen Tips for a Healthy Summer

Is your sunscreen protecting you or do you need protection from your sunscreen? Image via Joe Shlabotnik So summer is here and the timing is right for dancing in the street, but not without first considering the impact of the blistering sun. The automatic instinct is to grab the sunscreen and slather it on, especially […]

Henna – A Natural New Hair Hue for Summer

Who would have thought that nature could provide such vivid hues? Here you see the strength of “redbeard” henna. Since the dawn of time, people have been finding ways to improve, change and diversify their appearance for cultural and personal reasons. These methods of beautifying yourself are just as diverse as they are natural and […]


Sage Advice on Natural Deodorants (7 Tips)

When it comes to a safe deodorant what are your options? Karin picks Weleda’s “Sage” deodorant as a good choice. But you have options. Read on. People like us who are concerned with the environment, apply the same basic common sense to our bodies, right? That’s why many environmentalists and even just every day folk […]