94% of Americans Want Solar Energy. What About Israel?

Israeli innovated BrightSource gets US Presidential nod to electrify the California desert.

More than 94% of all Americans, or more than 9 out of 10 want solar energy over conventional power sources, according to a recent survey conducted by the 2010 Schott Solar Barometer Survey. This represents a 2% increase over the 2009 survey in which 92% of those American’s surveyed expressed their wish for more emphasis on solar energy. The survey also noted that 49% of those questioned said that they would be willing to pay more for solar energy, and 51% said they would be interested in obtaining jobs in the solar energy industry.

The survey, which is commissioned each year by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) , also notes that 8 out of every 10 Americans or 77% believe that solar industry technology development should be the No. 1 priority of the US Government; and that the Federal Government should give more financial backing toward the development of solar energy and other renewable energy sources, such as wind energy.

The results of this survey clearly indicate that large scale solar energy projects in the USA, such as the ones the BrightSource Company is undertaking in the state of California, as well as individual solar energy installations for homes and businesses to be America’s way to “maintain its continuing leadership status in the new global economy” according to a recent speech by US President Barack Obama.

Taking the results of this survey into account, and coupled with President Obama’s enthusiastic endorsement of solar energy, Americans seem destined to endorse harnessing the power of the sun for much their future energy needs.

While Americans seem to be getting more interested in developing solar energy in their homes and businesses, what about Israel, a country that pioneered the use of solar water heaters , as well as solar mirror and panel energy projects, some of which are teamed up with American solar energy companies? The answer is a bit complicated to interpret since although Israel definitely has the technology to build large solar array projects in parts of its southern Negev region , obtaining the needed land to build the plants on is not so easy.  This is often due to solar energy plants requiring large land areas that are not always available, expect in areas considered to be “damaged” land from soil erosion and other natural factors. Furthermore, the Israeli government appears to be more interested presently in switching the country’s coal and fuel oil fired electricity plants to those that will use the newly found natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which is not so environmentally friendly.

Regarding personal solar energy systems in private homes, it should be taken into account that most people in Israel live in condominium apartment buildings, containing up to as many as 60 individual apartments; whereas Americans outside of major metropolitan areas tend to live in individual private homes (which are much more adaptable to solar energy panels and other needed equipment). But despite this difference, Israeli governmental authorities can do a lot more to encourage the use of solar energy and to back the use of solar and other types of renewable energy to provide the energy to create electricity instead of relying so heavily on fossil fuels, including natural gas. A new American-Israeli joint venture may enable high rise apartment dwellers in both countries to benefit from solar energy, however.

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