Nagaya Organic Gifts: Give the Gift of Sustainability

nagaya organic gift packages picture israelWhat could be a more thoughtful gift than a gift that’s organic?  Giving someone an organic gift shows not only that you care about their personal health and well-being, but that you care about the future of their environment and world.  Overall, an organic gift is a gift of love.

Unfortunately, unique organic gifts aren’t always that easy to find.  You may be able to find the odd organic risotto rice or bottle of wine in your local health food store, but what about a basket packed with gourmet organic onion jam, homemade organic pomegranate syrup, or organic goat’s milk pecorino cheese with anise seed? 

And how about non food items?  Where could you find organic aftershave lotion, organic body butter, or a candle that turns into organic massage oil when it melts?

Luckily, Israeli company Nagaya has done all the searching for you.  And their 2008 catalog features all the items mentioned above and then some.  Not to mention, all the products featured in their gift baskets are organic and produced by small, local businesses.

Orit Romstein and Rivki Yodekvitch, the co-founders of Nagaya, have said that they wanted to enable their customers to give generously while remaining generous towards the environment.

To give you that extra warm and fuzzy feeling when purchasing one of their gift baskets for a loved one, know that their products are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging by people with disabilities.

So for those looking for more creative gift ideas for the coming holiday season, or for those just looking for a yummy, loving, environmentally friendly way to say that they care – keep Nagaya in mind. If you live in Israel, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu allows offers a smaller, and more humbler organic gift package.

Please share your green gift giving ideas in the comments section below.

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