GM foods shrinking sexual health in a womb near you

The USA allows them, and the EU has banned them, but the controversy over genetically modified foods is far from over, globally or in the Middle East. While Israel prohibits the import of genetically modified seeds, according to a 2009 article in Haaretz, even green-savvy consumers may be eating their fair share of Frankenfoods. (Genetically enhanced food sold unmarked).

“Agricultural products that underwent genetic engineering are sold in Israel without any marking to inform consumers, according to Milouda Quality Control Laboratories, which was testing food products containing soybeans…. The tests found that some baked goods, packaged schnitzel products and meat substitutes sold in stores around Israel contained soybeans that were essentially genetically modified organisms.”

This information isn’t new to readers of Green Prophet. We’ve cautioned readers on the dangers of this technology in previous articles (Israeli consumers at risk from GM foods), and on the importance of eating organic. Now, however, more recent research suggests that GM foods could have colossal consequences on our sexual health. In other words, eat genetically engineered foods at your own reproductive risk.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Smith is the author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. In an article published March 2010 on, he covers many of the danger angles, including some that are very eco-unsexy. He’s not alone in tooting the trumpet of concern. Dr. Joseph Mercola, the founder of, recently was named the “Ultimate Game Changer in Wellness by Huffington Post.” They are just two in the medical field working to educate the public about GM foods.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) is also extending its green arm to the cause, and has suggested that physicians prescribe non-GM diets to all patients. Quoting Dr. Smith, “They called for a moratorium on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), long-term independent studies, and labeling, stating, “Several animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food, including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the gastrointestinal system…There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation…” (Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Foods)

The evidence is enough to shrivel even the boldest pair. From birth defects, to infertility, to altered testicle color and size in animal studies, GM foods may be the beginning of the end of safe sex as we now know and enjoy it.

Dr. Smith writes: “GM foods are particularly dangerous for pregnant moms and children. After GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died—compared to 10 percent deaths among controls fed natural soy.2 GM-fed babies were smaller, and possibly infertile.3

“Testicles of rats fed GM soy changed from the normal pink to dark blue.4 Mice fed GM soy also had altered young sperm.5

“Embryos of GM soy-fed parent mice had changed DNA.6 And mice fed GM corn had fewer, and smaller, babies.7

“In Haryana, India, most buffalo that ate GM cottonseed had reproductive complications such as premature deliveries, abortions, and infertility; many calves died.

“About two-dozen US farmers said thousands of pigs became sterile from certain GM corn varieties. Some had false pregnancies; others gave birth to bags of water. Cows and bulls also became infertile.8

“In the US, incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating.”

While it is true that “scientific progress on molecular biology has a great potential to increase our understanding of nature and provide new medical tools,” until we know more about the risks, environmental and otherwise, it behooves scientists, citizens and governments to avoid “turning the environment into a giant genetic experiment” (Greenpeace EU).The forbidden fruit may have a new label, but do you want to eat it? (Photo: Pameladrew212)So what can the average reader do with this information, in the Middle East or abroad? Our suggestion is to stay informed on the topic, and find out where you can purchase food free of genetic voodoo. If a label is iffy, find an alternative that you know is GM free.

Since 1996, these foods have slowly been entering our everyday lives, yet GM activism is still in its infancy in this part of the world. But as evidence mounts, and people respond at the grass-roots level, we may be able to score one for Mother Nature, and zero for those who want to experiment with her perfection, or our sexual well-being. (Which may in fact be in augmented in a positive way using natural male enhancement compounds.)

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