10 Green Ways To Minimize The Impact Of Your Business

In an effort to curb rising global temperatures, we must work together as citizens and business owners to minimize our carbon emissions. Ensuring that your business operates on more eco-friendly terms doesn’t just benefit our environment, but it can help you lower operational costs. There are many methods to help your company lower its carbon […]


How to Choose Sustainable Business Partners

Sustainability has moved past industry buzzword status to command a stronghold in business and customer communities. When your business embraces sustainable practices, has mindful customers, or both, it’s important to make sure your actions reflect your priorities. Your organization has the opportunity to make an impact through its sourcing choices as well as its own […]


Muslim shaving: the halal and the haram

One of Green Prophet's most-read stories EVER is our how-to article on sugar-waxing, an ancient method of hair removal that predates waxing. What is it about body hair that makes for riveting reading? Come learn what I've picked up about dealing with body hair in the Arab Middle East or western east as we are rebranding it.


Recycle your contact lenses

New research presented by the American Chemical Society at their August meeting warned of the damage disposable contact lenses cause after they are flushed down our home plumbing, a daily habit of many of the 45 million Americans who wear them.