Morf shirt transforms to 24 shirts in one!


There’s a movie called 27 Dresses about a woman who finds love and finally gets to wear a wedding dress after serving as a bridesmaid, 27 times. You might think that “24 shirts” refers to a similar movie about a 24-time groomsman – but not so. It actually describes a recent fashion innovation by Israeli designer Tamara Salem: the “Morf Shirt,” a ladies’ shirt that can be worn 24 different ways!


I’ve seen shirts or dresses that can be worn a few different ways, but never have I seen the capacity breach double digits.


“Morf” is the name of the fashion design company owned by Ms. Salem and business partner Barak Kirschner. The name itself implies that they are creative and open-minded.


The Morf Shirt seems to include solid black, blue and grey options, and it throws black and white striped accents into the mix. There’s room to play with the color of the sleeves and the cut of the neckline. The trick is in the layering of the fabric. Amazingly, there are no buttons or zippers, velcro or other gadgets.


Even watching the video below, I can’t seem to wrap my head around how the shirt can be morphed so many times. How can something seemingly simple be so complex? Besides the fact that the Morf shirt is an extremely economic fashion choice, I say that it also makes its owner a magician.

I’d like to see the manual that comes with the shirt. But even so, I don’t doubt its morf-ability. Israelis have a great track record of being resourceful, not only in the fashion industry but also in other arenas, such as visual art and technology.

Lightweight and durable, it’s no wonder that the Morf shirt has garnered the best feedback from backpacking travellers. But it’s truly for every woman. Wear it in blue with a pair of jeans and flats for a day look. Wear it in svelte black with heels and there’s your night look.

I’ve been meaning to donate clothes – maybe gaining the Morf shirt will mean finally getting rid of several different shirts I wear only every once in a while. The revolutionary fashion staple is available on Amazon or on the Morf website – where you can also check out the Morf shirt in green (with white as another solid-color option) and in red (with brown as another solid-color option), the Morf dress and the Morf shirt for men!

Consider joining the Morf movement. You’ll have a lighter laundry basket, or suitcase. Your wallet will thank you. So will the earth.

Did I mention that Morf also comes in a dress version? Oh, and a shirt for men?

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